Men’s Style: How To Change Your Wardrobe On A Tight Budget

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Irrespective of how conservative you may be, there’s always that time you feel your wardrobe is filled with clothes you’ve worn for too long.

Even though you want it with a total overhaul of your closet, you don’t want to think of it because your budget doesn’t support it. Well, we’ve got good news for you, you can actually change your wardrobe with a seemingly small budget!

Here are five steps you can follow to get a wardrobe change on a tight budget.

Step 1: Know Your Budget
It’s not just enough to say you want to change your wardrobe but it is good to have a particular amount of money set out for the change you want to embark upon. Make sure that what you budget for your clothes don’t affect your budget for other important things in your life.

Step 2: Raid Your Wardrobe

Now you have a budget for your wardrobe change but before you go ahead to add new clothes to the ones you already have, you may want to let go of some of the clothes you have in your closet that make you feel you have more than enough.
Go through your wardrobe and remove any clothing material that is outdated, doesn’t fit your body anymore and any one that has holes or is worn out. You can also consider giving out the ones you’re tired off to the less privileged.

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Step 3: Create A List

The moment you’re done raiding your wardrobe, it is time to create a list of essential clothing items to get you going. Every man should have the following 9 clothes in their wardrobe.

1.    Blue or Black coloured jeans
2.    Good sweater
3.    White, blue and any other basic coloured T-shirt.
4.   Casual shirts
5.    Button-down shirts
6.    A blazer
7.    Casual shoes
8.    Leather sneakers
The list above is a basic one and you may choose to include other items. These items will however get you going for work, casual and serious outings.

Step 4: Shopping Time
There are a lot of good and budget friendly clothes out there. You should however make sure that you pay attention to certain colours when you’re picking a new clothing item. We recommend choosing simple colours such as white, black, navy blue and gray. This is simply because these type of colours look expensive even if they are not.

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If your shopping budget is very small, it is best you spend a sizable portion of the money on a white button-front shirt, casual shoes, a blazer and blue coloured Jeans. These pieces of clothing will stand the test of time and will cover most of your daily needs. You can proceed to use whatever funds you have left for any other thing.



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