Men’s Health Thursday: Have You Tried Our 7-Day Sex Challenge?

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Sex with one person can be boring as time goes by except you’re able to bring in some creativity to your time in the sack.

You don’t have to only try out new sex positions and have sex everyday, but this helps to make the bond between you and your partner tighter.

As such, you may want to consider participating in a 7 day sex challenge to spark up your dull relationship as this will not only help you try out new fun sex positions but also help you become closer. Truth is if you sense some bit of space between you and your partner, chances are a lack of good sex, boring sex or a total lack of sex is your problem.

Sex is mostly wonderful especially if your partner is the type that makes it a mission to ensure you derive utmost satisfaction. Sex also helps to connect you and your partner, build trust and increase intimacy.

So, give yourself and your partner this 7 day challenge to make you bond again and have wholesome fun.

Day 1: Missionary

sex challengeIn truth, the missionary sex style can be boring but it can also be immensely interesting if you put your back into it literally. Ever thought of the reason why a lot of sex styles are merely a variation of the missionary style? It is perfect for building up to more intense and serious styles without you having to worry about your partners inhibitions.

Day 2: The Reverse Cowgirl

sex challenge 9

This is a position with her on top, twisted around and facing away from you while her ass is in your face. This position works because it maximizes every view. You love it because it creates deep penetration and you get that great view. She’s on display and he is guiding the hip movements  while his hands are free to roam.

Day 2: Shower Sex

sex challenge 10
Shower temperature is always explosive especially in the hot weather we have now. The man can simply enter from the front or behind. The water running from the shower cools down whatever heat generated while you enjoy the intensity of the moment.

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Day 4: Spooning

sex challenge 6
The fourth day sex position is one designed to conserve your energy. Simply lay side by side with your partner with the male preferably entering the female from behind. This position is an easy and romantic one that can easily have both of you achieving orgasm.

Day 5: Missionary From Behind

sex challenge 3

This position entails having the female lying down flat on her tummy while the male enters from behind. This position will limit your vision of the activity happening down there but is a sure way of having the best out of the fifth day of sex. It can also guarantee orgasm for the woman because her pelvis area is pressed down, hence making adding pressure to the g-spot.

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Day 6: Side By Side Sex

sex challenge 5

This sex position is classically simple but nonetheless gets the job done. It involves the male and female lying side by side while making effort to masturbate one another. With eyes wide open, you and your partner can get the wow experience from this position.

Day 7: Legs Pushed Back

sex challenge 7
This position. Involves the missionary position. The male can simply have the females’ legs pushed up and towards her shoulders. The great thing about this position is that the females G-spot can be easily stimulated.



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