Melanin Monday: Unapologetically Black And Proud

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black and proud

Be Proud To Wear The Color You Call Your Own

Before Melanin came to be known with its present name, it used to be called “Occultum” and was associated with the sun god Ra. ie, there were people on earth who worshiped the pigment in the skin of black people.

They couldn’t understand how one race could have excessive “Occultum” so they sought for ways to get their hands on it.

These people, till date, still search for ways to control the black gold in the black man’s skin.

One of the ways they have set about to achieve their objective is by making black-skinned people believe the melanin in their body isn’t useful, isn’t important and can/should be bleached to kill off all the melanin in it; to obtain a brighter color.

If the entire black race lost its melanin, the black race stops being gods.

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Blacks aren’t the only Melaninated race; the pigment’s amount and quality is what distinguishes blacks from other races.

Classification of races was made according to the amount of melanin each group contains.

On one end we have Caucasians with a little bit, on the other end; we have Africans with a whole bunch.

Other races such as Japanese,Native American, and Mexican possess melanin in intermediate amounts.

The reason they are white and you are black is because their skin doesn’t contain the most important nutrient needed to survive on earth.

Taking away your nutrient leaves you vulnerable to illnesses and diseases which the Melanin fights.

Because blacks don’t read and are used to following the band wagon, they have been left in the dark about just how powerful their complexion really is.

Well, that’s why Melanin Monday is here.

Protect your skin.

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Melanin refines the nervous system in such a way that messages from the brain reach other areas of the body more rapidly in Black people than in others.

American journal of medical genetics 1985 Page 69 states:

“Black babies are smaller than white ones but the smaller black neonate becomes the larger and more advanced child right through adolescence”.

Children of the 21st Century: From Birth to Nine Months – Page 162 by Shirley Dex, Heather Joshi – Social Science – 2005 states:

“There is evidence to suggest that non-white babies, especially Black babies, are more advanced in their gross motor development than white babies”.

Be unapologetically black and proud. 

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