Man Pours Water On Flight Attendant For Not Writing Him An “Apology Letter”

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A rabid Chinese traveler known only as Mr Chen drenches water on two flight attendants after one of them accidentally spills juice on him.

Although the attendants issue a verbal apology, Mr Chen insists he wants a written apology and when it seems like he wasn’t getting any, he pours the flight attendants water.

Attendants confirm Mr Chen – flying from Beijing to Guangzhou this April – as saying, their verbal apology as “unsatisfactory” to him.


Defending his actions, Chen insists his contumacious attitude as valid while police detains him.

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Various accounts state that while the attendants were serving their flyers, one of them spills juice on Chen in error; after offering verbal apology first, alone, before everyone else joins in apologizing.

Chen is insistent on a written apology by the attendant stating how sorry she was for spilling water on him; while everyone tries to reason with him as he seems to be taking the matter further than necessary; Chen gets up from his seat, storms to the galley, grabs a large bottle of water and pours it to two flight attendants.

Afterwards, he violently shoves the two women off his path while verbally assaulting them as he makes his way back to his seat.


When flight CZ323 of China Southern Airlines, which was travelling from Beijing Capital International Airport to New Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport touches down, airport police arrests and detains Mr Shen as the cabin crew had made a report immediately after the water-pouring incident.

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