Is Lil Kesh Leaving YBNL? All The Facts

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Is Lil Kesh Leaving YBNL? – Rumors have begun to circulate that star rapper Lil Kesh is looking to quit current label YBNL.

Is Lil Kesh Leaving YBNL?
Is Lil Kesh Leaving YBNL?

King Kesh’s contract with the record label has reportedly expired two weeks ago, and has reportedly refused to resign with the label.

According to the numerous reports, Lil Kesh is also keen to float his own label, which will reportedly be named Y.A.G.I, after his debut album.

So, will Lil Kesh actually be leaving YBNL? Let’s look at some of the facts that we have.

1. No video has been released from Y.A.G.I: The rumors claim that Olamide has refused to shoot any video from Y.A.G.I, because of his refusal to sign a new contract. This might well be true, considering that YBNL are a video-happy label. It’s been over 5 weeks since Lil Kesh dropped Y.A.G.I, and this may well point to issues within the label, considering Olamide released the videos for Don’t Stop and Eyan Mayweather only 3 weeks after the album’s release.

2. Lil Kesh’s Twitter: Social media pages have become notorious for their use by celebrities in revealing major changes, but so far Lil Kesh’s Twitter still says that he’s a YBNL Soldier of the YBNL Nation.

3. In an exclusive chat with 360Nobs, Lil Kesh’s manager AB Fresh said that there was no truth to the rumors, and Kesh was still in YBNL records.

So there you have it. Is he leaving or not? Time will tell.



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