#Ladies Only: 5 Ways You Can Look Taller Without Wearing Heels

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Women are naturally shorter than males and as such wearing heels and other type of shoes that help to give them a lift is a common occurrence.

Heels however come with a lot of baggage ranging from constant pains, swollen feet to foot disorders. Going through such painful experiences are tiring and stressful to say the least. There are however simpler and better ways which you can look taller as a woman than you really are without going through the pains that come with high-heeled shoes.

As such, here are five ways you can appear taller than you really are without wearing them.

Go For High Waist Skirts

High waist skirts are grossly underrated when it comes to adding to your height. Lovely designs and patterns of skirts exist which add an illusion of an inch or two to your height. Pencil skirts and shorts also tend to elongate your lower extremity making you appear taller. You can show off the shape of your waist by wearing a crop top or a blouse you can tuck in.

Adopt A Monochromatic Appearance

Choosing to dress in a single colour has a towering effect on your height. Going for an all black or white outfit tends to create an elongation of your vertical line.


Show A Bit Of Skin

Showing a bit of skin may entail you wearing shoes or sandals that expose your feet. Wear sandals that come in metallic or nude hues. These colours tend to provide a lengthening effect for your ankles.

Wear A Romper

Rompers or Baby grows are loose fitting one piece suits with shorter legs which may be gathered at the end. Rompers expose your legs and the shorter they are, the longer your legs appear; this gives the illusion of you being taller than you actually are.

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Get Your Hair Cut

Having long hair tends to drag your hair down, making you appear shorter. Having bobs and pixies on the other hand effectively raise your head and neck higher by highlighting your shoulders and neck. This lifts your eyes up and effectively creates the perfect illusion.




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