Kerry Washington Looks ‘Printastically’ Gorgeous For AdWeek Magazine

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Kerry Washington is on this week’s Adweek cover and she is spilling some beans.  The Scandal star, looks like the modern day Grace Kelly or Princess Diana as she oozes major royalty vibes in her print dresses.  The cover has Kerry Washington propped on a bold black & white print background wearing a striped dress with her hair pulled back to show off her cherub face. Kerry has a new show coming up on HBO, Confirmation where she is playing a lead role as well as one of the producers.

In her interview with Jason Lynch,  she talks about her endorsements, Hillary Clinton, Shonda Rhimes and rumours on Scandal ending.

Check out the cover and some of the excerpts from her interview with Adweek.



Speaking on Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton stopped by the Scandal set in February. How did that come about?
I’m really close to the campaign. Hillary was in town for a fundraiser, and Tony [Goldwyn, who plays President Fitzgerald Grant] and I thought we might get off work in time to go, but we didn’t. So I emailed Huma [Abedin, Clinton’s longtime aide] and said, “What don’t you guys come here?” And they were able to. It was very surreal, because at some point you couldn’t tell the difference between our pretend Secret Service on the show, and the real Secret Service walking on the set.


Speaking on Major Endorsements 

How do you determine which ones make sense for you to join forces with? 

Do I feel like it will be as rewarding as it is time-consuming? Because for me, none of the partnerships that I’m in are me [just] being the face of something. I am extremely hands-on and integrated in each of my relationships, so it has to be worth it for me. I worked with companies earlier in my career where I knew very early on when it wasn’t a match for me. I’m grateful for that wisdom because now I know how to make those choices.


Shonda Rhimes 

Does she give you a heads up about the show’s biggest twists, like your kidnapping storyline last year, or Olivia getting an abortion earlier this season?
No. I had no idea that the abortion scene was coming until I turned the page at the table read and read it out loud with everybody else.


Scandal Ending 

Have you started to think about what you want the next phase of your career to be like after Scandal ends?
I don’t know specifically what’s next. I found the experience of producing on Confirmation to be extremely rewarding. I learned a great deal, but I also feel like I was able to bring a lot to the table, and that was a really rewarding experience. So producing will definitely be part of it. I am really loving design and I want to continue in that area. But I’m not sure. I’m going to continue to follow the opportunities that really speak to me authentically and genuinely, and see where they lead.

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