Kelly Rowland Switches On TV Host Who Insists On Asking Her About ‘Lemonade’

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Classic case of bad interview, Dean Richards of WGN-Chicago didn’t do his homework by going through everything Lemonade before throwing his questions at Destiny Child member, Kelly Rowland.

Rowland had a visual interview with the TV Host and rather than talk about what she was really there for, Richards took the interview in another direction, one he even wasn’t adequately prepared for. He began asking her about Lemonade and she shut him down after responding to his previous questions with evasive one-liners.

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As a member of Beyonce’s inner circle she definitely has an inkling on what’s happening in the life of the Carters since the album dropped but she wouldn’t say a peep, lest her words gets spurned out of context.

The interview went thus: 

TV Host: Talking about new music, you know, all the talk this week has been about Beyonce’s new album, have you heard it yet? Have you had an opportunity to get some thoughts on the whole thing?

Kelly Rowland: I sure have, it’s great it’s absolutely great.

TV Host: Really different though, right?

Kelly Rowland: Yes, really different.

TV Host; Is the…. (Kelly cuts him off).

Kelly Rowland: Getting back to what I’m here to talk about…

Kelly Rowland’s interview was supposed to be about her new BET reality show called Chasing Destiny. The singer is looking for the next big girl group. She’s also working Boys & Girls Club of America and Claritin to promote the importance of going outside to kids.

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