Judge Bans 50 Cent From “Using Phone In Court” During Bankruptcy Hearing

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50 Cent hugs the spotlights like the 21 bullets he said went through him.

Effen Vodka boss has been taunting Rick Ross’s baby mama and anyone/everyone he owes money by always putting up money shots on his Instagram, while still claiming to be “broke”.

He has been banned from using his smartphone in court because the judge thinks “he’s using it to make a mockery of the case”.

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The judge who is all for free speech and all implored 50 to “quit with the antics and take the case seriously” as she also axed the use of all electronic device in the courtroom or conference room.

In 2015, a jury ordered Fiddy to pay Lastonia Levinston $5Million after he released a sex-tape she had made with her then-boyfriend.

Immediately after that, 50 Cent declared himself bankrupt after filing for bankruptcy and ever since, he has been posting shots on shots of wads of cash and stacks of paper. You can’t help but wonder how can one be broke and still have all these papers.

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50 said it’s all prop from a movie set so they aren’t real money.

The arrogant rapper even went to court in March with stacks of bills lined around his waistband while eating skittles off his palm.

As usual, he took a shot of it and posted on Instagram.

Fiddy was having a fight with Rick Ross when he published the video online in a bid to “humiliate” Ricky who has a daughter with Lastonia.


Lastonia Leviston’s invasion-of-privacy lawsuit against the multiplatinum-selling Get Rich or Die Tryin’ artist saw him in court again and this time, he was on his smartphone – social media speculatively – while his hearing was on-going.

Much to the distaste of the judge, she banned the 21 Questions hitmaker from using any mobile device in the courtroom.

The lawsuit stemmed from a 13-minute video that appeared online in 2009 featuring a wig-wearing 50 Cent as a narrator dubbed Pimpin’ Curly.

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The 13 minute-video featured a wig-wearing 50 Cent acting as the narrator dubbed Pimpin’ Curly in the vid.

Pimpin ie 50 Cent made some very explicit remarks about Miss Leviston and Rick Ross – although Rozay was’t in the feed.

It was Leviston’s boyfriend at the time, ie the man in the sex tape with her who gave 50 the clip.

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50 Cent and his legal team insist 50 didn’t post the video, rather Levinston’s partner did saying “she wouldn’t mind if he posted it” and he 50 thought that was good enough.

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I’ve got the magic stick – one of 50’s most popular lines definitely is working for him as he is adamant to not pay Lastonia anything.

Hopefully, Miss Levinston will find a way to get some real cash out of 50’s fake props.

Till then, she just has to take Fiddy’s financial taunts with grace.

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