Jilted Girlfriend Frustrates Ex’s Life With Raunchy Nudes And Videos

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Some women don’t understand the concept of ‘leave me alone’ and Nicole Peri is one of them.

Peri, 30, frustrated her ex’s life by sending him hundreds of racy videos and sexually explicit pictures of herself after he ended their on-and-off relationship.

The jilted boutique-owner hounded her run-away boyfriend, Timothy Harris, with over three-hundred missed calls and emotional audio messages over a five-week period following his act of jilting her.

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The court heard Peri begged Harris to see her, contacting him for one-hundred-and-thirty-times and when he refused, she began sending him the photos and videos to try and win him back.

Harris blocked her when he had enough, but she began using lots of different numbers to contact him.

Prosecuting attorney, Sharon Hall, told Chelmsford magistrates court that ‘police were called out several times to deal with altercations between the couple whose relationship was described as ‘on-off’.

The distraught man said: “All I want is for her to leave me alone and stop harassing me. The whole thing is making me feel low, like I cannot live a normal life and move on”.

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Hall read out a statement by Harris to the court: “I estimate I’ve had over 300 missed calls from private numbers. I don’t answer all the calls.  One day in March I was at the gym and had 130 missed calls. I have ignored all these messages, hoping they would stop but they didn’t. I don’t know what else I can do to stop her contacting me. I continue to feel there is no escape from Nicole”.

The court heard how Peri’s mother called and begged him to meet her daughter after they broke up and ‘he agreed to meet up’.

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Harris said Peri was in a ‘really bad way’ when he met up with her and encouraged her to move on as he couldn’t continue the relationship, which led to a violent argument.

Peri refused to take ‘No’ for an answer as she continued to contact him.

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Peri pleaded guilty to harassment and was imposed a ‘twenty hours’ unpaid work and was ordered to ‘pay £165 in costs’.

She was spared jail but was served a restraining order against Harris for a year and received a ban from the court to never contact Harris in any way including visiting his house.

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The judge instructed her to attend a “twelve-month rehabilitation class to support her ’emotional management’ and help her with problem solving”.

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