Jens Lehmann Slams Arsenal For Throwing Away League Title

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Jens Lehmann Slams Arsenal – Arsenal legend Jens Lehmann has criticized the team, accusing them of throwing away the league title.

Jens Lehmann Slams Arsenal
Jens Lehmann Slams Arsenal

Arsenal had begun the year on top of the pack, but a series of bad results against bottom half sides like Stoke City and Crystal Palace has seen them fall 13 points behind current leaders Leicester City.

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“Have they thrown it away? Yes, it’s a fact, of course they did. The table now is different,” Lehmann, who was the side’s goalkeeper during the Invincinbles campaign, said. “So of course I’m a little bit sad.

“The Arsenal when I played was probably a little bit different than it is now but that’s football and it always contains disappointments for most of the teams who would like to win the trophy but don’t manage to do that at the end of the season. Disappointment is a consistent follower of the daily football business.”

Arsenal have been disappointing over the years, but this is one of the worst, according to the German. “I think this time it’s a little bit more disappointing than before because everybody thought Leicester could be caught at the end of the season and they still could, but unfortunately by Spurs and not by Arsenal,” he said.



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