Jennifer Lopez Says She Paved the Way for The Kardashians On the Latest Cover of W Magazine

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Jennifer Lopez just aired her final show on ‘American Idol’ after being a judge  for several years, with the series airing its finale last week.

The singer still has a lot going for her – her latest single ‘Ain’t Your Mama’ and her TV show ‘Shades Of Blue’ getting renewed for a second season.


Tthe 46 year old mother of two speaks about her divorce, work pace and how she thinks she paved way for the Kardashians.


Talking about Marc Anthony and future love

“When it comes to work, I never get tired. But with personal failures, I have thought, This is too hard. When my marriage ended, it was not easy to find forgiveness. It wasn’t the dream that I had hoped for, and it would have been easier to fan the flames of resentment, disappointment, and anger. But Marc is the father of my children [8-year-old twins], and that’s never going away. So, I have to work to make things right. And that is, by far, the hardest work I do.I hung in there for seven years,” Lopez elaborated. “I knew very quickly that it wasn’t the right thing.” “I still think about getting married and having that long life with someone. I love the movie The Notebook. A dream of mine is to grow old with someone.”

If she thinks the Kardashians stole the shine off her derriere

Lopez smiled. “I think I paved the way for the Kardashaians,” she said. “Just another innovation that I’ve given to the world!”


Speaking on keeping up with her work pace

“I do have trouble saying no,” she replied. “It’s hard for me not to imagine doing everything I am asked to do. Even if I hear a song that someone else has done or watch a film that someone else is in, I think, Oh, I would do it like this. Or, I wish I could do it like that. Luckily, I love to work.”

Talking about life since she started judging on American Idol in 2011

“It has been easier,” she said. “People may now think I’m ‘nice,’ but they still act surprised when I’m smart. It’s a man’s world, and, truly, people in a business setting do not value a woman as much as a man. I feel like I’m constantly having to prove myself. If a man does one thing well, people immediately say he’s a genius. Women have to do something remarkable over and over and over. And, even then, they get questions about their love life.” She shrugged. “People underestimate me. They always have, and maybe that’s for the best. It’s fun to prove them wrong.”

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