Introducing The Ad Bowl: A Hub For Nigerian Advertisers And Creatives

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The Nigerian advertising industry has grown over the years, with the advent of blogs, websites and social media creating a digital complement to traditional advertising media.

The growth of the industry has seen a rise in the number of professionals and creatives associated with the industry. A desire to provide these individuals with a platform to interact and share has given birth to a hub called The Ad Bowl.

Introducing The Ad Bowl
Introducing The Ad Bowl

The website’s creator said: “The aim of The Ad Bowl is to be the one-stop hub to get all the ad scoops, contribute to the Ad industry via articles, creative visuals and opinion pieces. It’s a movement for the young Ad people by the young Ad people. The Ad Bowl (TAB) was created to get more young people interested in our industry, and to keep those already in the industry interested.”

The Ad Bowl believes young people are the future of the industry, and The Ad Bowl aims to empower them with tips and tricks for a successful career.

“These younger ones are bursting with energy and such creative spirits but aren’t allowed to reach their maximum potential,” the creator added. “The types of clients we have as well don’t help matters, so we need younger people on both agency and client sides for a seamless and efficient relationship. Will this happen right now? I think not! Is it possible? Of course it is, and that is what we are working towards to here at TAB.”

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The Ad Bowl is still a growing team and we are currently trying to expand the TAB family. We would like to use this forum to seek talented contributors to join the team.

Interested individuals should please email us at  –

Interested candidates should also provide

  • A brief bio about themselves
  • What they would like to do for TAB
  • Previous things (if any) they have done


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