Hummels: We Got The Jitters

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Mats Hummels has agreed to the fact that Dortmund had the jitters in their dramatic collapse out of the Europa League.

The first leg ended 1-1 with Liverpool getting an away goal, Dortmund went ahead 2-0 and 3-1, but crashed out after the reds scored three times in the final 24 minutes to win 5-4 on aggregate.

“When we scored to make it 3-1 we thought we were through,” the captain told Sky Germany.

“We stopped defending aggressively and stopped playing football when they scored the 3-1. Then we suddenly got the jitters. We gave it away.

“Liverpool would never have come back if we would have continued to play our socks off after we scored the 3-1. We should have made the opponent chase the ball.

“Instead we just lost touch too often in defence. We just can’t concede goals like that, that was too easy for them. This defeat is the one that hurts the most this season.”



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