Grimy Art! Australian Artist Displays Dirty Forks Used By The Rich And Famous

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It’s weird what can be defined as art this days. Who knew collecting unwashed cutlery over a span of years would become such a big deal.

“The Rich Forks”, a project by an Australian artist and activist, Van Thanh Rudd, which began fifteen years ago, when he took an interest in the grimy details of forks used by the rich and famous has turned to a work of art today.

V.T.R as he’s also known took an interest in swiping cutlery which had been used by the world’s elite – Prince Harry, Hillary Clinton, Rupert Murdoch, amongst others – from top restaurants, hotels, and even at functions where they had wined and dined.

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These array of gross, greasy and plain dirty forks have been arranged into a work of art to be viewed by members of the public interested in ogling them.

If you have ever wondered what Hillary or Prince Harry’s used fork looks like, join the queue.

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V.T.R, who is the nephew of the former Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd, said, “When the 1% eat in various luxury hotels around the world, they’re served by thousands of hotel workers who have access to the cutlery they use.

I worked in that particular area of the hospitality industry in the late 1990s and, to some of us, swiping their dinner forks from under their noses didn’t seem out of the question.”

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Part of the dirt include a ‘greenish goop rusted on to a silver fork once held by Prince Harry; a tiny strip of meaty fibre munched on by Clive Palmer, clinging to the lower two tines; Hillary Clinton’s pilfered prongs left almost bare but for a few yellowing crumbs’.

On a real note, would you queue to see these forks used by these famous people?

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Source: Guardian Australia

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