How I Got A Girl’s Attention With A 100 Naira Bottle Of La Casera

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Hey guys, my name is Emmanuel, but you can call me Manny for short. I used to be that guy lurking around the corner and desiring pretty girls from afar. Permit me to say, I’ve never had the balls to walk up to any of them and profess my undying love for them. I tried once, and trust me, it was a tragedy. I literally lost my voice and could hardly stutter a hello. But scratch that. That was a long time ago and I’m now the smoothest guy ever.

What has changed since then, you may ask?


Well, nothing much besides the fact that La Casera came to my rescue. You know, its one thing to walk up to a girl and tell her how much you genuinely like her, but it’s another thing when she walks up to you and wants a sip of your La Casera. The difference is, conversation is a lot easier and there is never any tension at all. Well, the same thing happened to me, she walked up to me, wanted a sip, but I got her a bottle, we got talking, first about how we both can’t do without our ice feel bottles of La Casera, then about me, her and us.


Trust me, it was that simple. Apparently we just needed a connection, and La Casera was that for us. We’re still together, waxing stronger by the day. You know, we still drink and share our La Casera like the very first day.

It’s amazing how a 100 Naira bottle of La Casera can get you a head start with the girl of your dreams.

This is my La Casera story, what’s yours?

Tonia Soares

Tonia Soares

If you look hard enough you'll get my bio but here is a teaser "I never SLEEP, so I DREAM with my EYES open to serve YOU with the best experience." I am all about what you SEE.

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