Get Familiar With The Turntable Maestro, DJ KRAIZEE

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DJ KRAIZEE is one of the most successful rising DJs in Nigeria. He has hits like Afro Summer Mix in 2013 which was one of the most downloaded DJ mixes in Nigeria and the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) remix of Sho Le by Sean Tizzle.

In just about two years, Dj Kraizee has been able to create a successful career for himself with nominations and awards like NBMA (best DJ of the year), HCRA (best DJ of the year), prodigy (best DJ of the year), Smirnoff Ice’s Silent Disco official DJ, and a major FAMOUS BIRTHDAYS profile, not forgetting the all popular #oneKRAIZEEnight .
He remains one of the fastest rising DJs, if we must say – not a bad place to be at all.

“I’m blessed, you know. I’m totally blessed. You have to imagine there are millions of DJs out there and more people want to be DJs.”



DJ KRAIZEE who was wearing a white hooded sweatshirt, black sweat pants, and tan boots, tells us when asked about life as a DJ; “I honestly did not plan to become a DJ but apparently I’m blessed with everything. When you have been through a lot like i have and all you have working for you is talent, and that talent actually rolls in respect, the cash is just a plus, Its a pretty damn good feeling! It hasn’t been easy though, the pressure, the temptations, the expectation when you have set a standard and everybody wants you to beat it all the time! No mistakes, no excuses, forgetting you’re actually human . Like I said, I feel blessed with so much recognition and a fast growing worldwide fanbase. That’s how I feel about it. Blessed. There’s no better word.”





He has been given hilarious nicknames like DJ MADNESS, STRAIGHT OUTTA THE ASYLUM, THE HAIR, PRINCE OF MUSIC and so many others. The meaning behind the name KRAIZEE is till yet to be known; keeping fingers crossed for that one.
DJ KRAIZEE, in January 2016 released a mixtape titled “#WORLDHIT2015”, an Afro-EDM dance party mix with compilation of a couple of hit tracks from around the world dating far back as 2013 all through 2015. To spice things up, it’s available for FREE download.


DJ KRAIZEE always stays connected to his fans via Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram with the handle @DJKRAIZEE .

Photo by: Itua Jude Photography.



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