Get Familiar With The Microphone Killer “MVP”

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Get Familiar With The Microphone Killer "MVP"

With the present fuel situation, getting to the venue where I met MVP and his team was taxing but it turned out to be a success even though I got there over an hour late, 1:25PM instead of the 12:00PM scheduled. After a little play around and brief introduction, I asked:

“Hey, what’s an MVP?”

It’s the acronym for the Most Valuable Person, a writer, music devotee, all round pop artiste and it’s the Microphone Killer “Idowu Samson Oluwadamilare” who’s also affiliated to GidiMobMafia, A Movement powered by his official record producer Echo (Ahh…Echo) of Knight-house.

We kicked off the chat

Look 4

How did you begin this journey?

I was strictly a dancer back in High School but I gave rap a chance during my final session. It was a win-win thing for me cause I think I gained recognition in the Nigerian rap scene, after out-rapping my competitors and winning the Snap Tv’s Campus Discovery which made me a regular feature on Kelvin Boj’s (formerly Laylow) Raptitude cypher series.

You took the church route most Nigerian artistes claim they took?

*laughs…* Not really actually, cause I wouldn’t say I started singing from the church choir, cause yeah… I did sing in the choir but I didn’t do the choir job for a long time. It was fresh and okay for me cause it all stated for me officially, during my first year in the University.

The song Oluwa Se Aanu, what’s the real story behind it?

Every artiste has their hustle story. Mine was compiled into that song and believe me it was for real cause the beginning was rough. Just like Lil Kesh interpreted on the track Semilore, I witnessed some of those stories.

Talking about Kesh, the Rack City freestyle you guys did alongside Maphian… 

Wow… that was like 2012 man.

Yeah, I had to make few phone calls to confirm it was really you; and Kesh’s delivery, do you think he can still do that again?

Yeah, I believe Kesh still has it but like you said earlier on, YBNL are giving the fans what they are demanding which is more of commercials, not like the rappers can’t do their thing but it’s the trend in the industry. Since it’s bringing in money… what can I say?

Who You Epp; how were you able to pull that?

Actually, my manager called me regarding the song, then he sent it to my mail. I wasn’t even able to download it ’cause internet was acting up (Oghene: *Laughs…* Internet tried to f_ck you up? MVP: *laughs…* yeah, it tried but it couldn’t). So, my manager came to the studio, I listened to the song not more than three times and that was it. I went inside the vocal booth and was good to go. We released it within 2 hours after Olamide put out his solo version. The next day “Beat FM played my freestyle

Shout-out to Olamide for that opportunity…


How can you describe your style?

I have this path I’ve created for me, and that’s the only route I’m determined to take. That’s where the #MVPlevel comes in.

The Microphone Killer "MVP"
The Microphone Killer “MVP”

Are you saying if you’re featured on any track you will still bring in the MVPlevel?

Exactly, I’ll get on the record, do my thing, bring in the MVPlevel and leave the flames to burn cause when I’m featured on any song, I become part of the song.

In other-words, you can’t be murdered on any track even if it’s with an A-list rapper?

Fact is, you can’t murder MVP on a song, like I just said I’m part of any material I get featured on. Without me the material isn’t complete. A lot of materials out there lacking the MVP feel.

Interesting. Which recent song lacks the MVP feel?

Reminisce’s “Asalamalekun“, that beat is banging. I’m not saying the song isn’t a bad song but if I was on it, I would have taken  it to another height. #MVPlevel.

The #MVPlevel, that should be a movement.

Straight-up… I’m determined to take my music to the #MVPlevel


Watch the official video for TUSH by MVP featuring YCee and Toby Grey here

You can follow MVP on Twitter and Instagram: @MVP_MIC

Written by Oghene Michael

Oghene Michael

Oghene Michael

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