Gay Man Gets Thrown From 100ft Building By ISIS

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A set of images have appeared to reveal the height of distaste the terrorist group, ISIS, have for sodomy.

The man who was hauled down to his death was accused of sleeping with a fellow male which is against the religious beliefs of the nation of Iraq and its official religion, Islam.

The prisoner was pictured being held on the edge of a high-rise building by militants who were masked; while down below, a group of people including young boys watched.


The man is then shoved off the edge of the one-hundred-feet building falling on to the concrete below, and his body splattered.

This is just one of the numerous horrifying methods ISIS uses to kill ‘infidels’ while suspected homosexuals face the most brutal of them all, such as this.

Over the past few years, video footage have been released depicting masked militants ‘ dangling men over the precipices of buildings by their legs’ before they are dropped head-first or sometimes they are just tossed over or pushed off the edge.


The New York-based OutRight Action International, stated: “As of last December, at least 36 men in Syria and Iraq have been killed by ISIS militants on charges of sodomy”.

Middle East and North Africa coordinator for the Action International, Hossein Alizadeh, said:  “It was not possible to confirm the sexual orientation of the victims”.

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The fear of a horrific death among gay men under ISIS rule is further compounded by their isolation in a deeply conservative society that largely shuns them.


Majority of Muslims consider homosexuality as a sin.

Homosexuals in Iraq are faced with a perpetual fear that someone, probably a relative, will sell them out – either to garner favor or just out of spite of their sexual orientation.

ISIS fighters have gained support over the years on the issue of torturing and murdering gay people even from those who hate their other atrocities.

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While ISIS opponents have hated the terrorist group for its heartless killings, some of the opponents who hate homosexuality as much as they hate ISIS, have shockingly expressed support for the extremist group’s stance on the ‘sinful’ sexual orientation of homosexuality, which merits death as punishment.

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