Freaky Friday: Men Who Pay For Sex Are Prostitutes Too

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The word “Prostitute” means to use something in an inappropriate way; especially to earn money.

With this definition in mind, let us proceed to why men who pay for sex are also prostitutes.

If you are a man who holds himself in high esteem while paying for sex from a “prostitute” or if you pay for sex and still have the nerve to talk down on a woman for being a prostitute, well, by the time you are done reading, you’ll know you are just as good – or bad – as she is.

The major difference in male prostitutes and female ones is the woman accepts reward; the man on the other hand stimulates his reward; ie he uses “his something” in an inappropriate way.


There is often a difference between the type of women who support a man’s career and the type of women who totally stimulate their nature. Men may go to prostitutes to find this second type of women. – Dr Carl Jung

Men are sexual animals; they are always in heat and even when they aren’t in heat, they are firing their heater up, ready to burn any vagina they find.

Due to certain situations and circumstances, some men aren’t able to find stimulation with their partners or wives or perhaps they have no one at all; therefore, they go out to seek their reward.

But, in order to sate their sexual appetite, they also have to sate the financial appetite of the woman who wants to feed them sexually. So, money for sex.

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Therefore, if you have ever paid for sex, you were a prostitute. If you are currently paying for sex, you are a prostitute. If you intend paying for sex, you will be a prostitute.

Five Reasons Men Who Pay For Sex Are Prostitutes Too

What exactly is being paid for:

Men do not pay for sex, they pay for the woman to leave after the sex without running her mouth like a girlfriend would.

Women do not get paid for sex, they get paid for understanding their time is up and it’s time to get the hell out. Without the man having to say it.

Kind of like being in a bad relationship where everyone knows their place. Speak only when spoken to else, shut the hell up.

The psychology of sexual appeal: 

There is an appeal in the mind of a man who patronizes prostitutes.

It’s a mind game of “I have the money, you have the vagina, therefore I own it”.

Knowing they own the vagina no matter how short or long it might be, gives these men control; same way these prostitutes feel especially after they have been paid.

Prostitutes rarely say “No”:

Because it has to be paid for, one is cautious when choosing a woman to sleep with. She must be everything one’s partner isn’t, must be willing to do everything or let everything be done to her.

Things one’s partner ordinarily would say “No” to.

Female prostitutes rarely say “No”, just like the men who patronize them do not take “No” for an answer, particularly, when it involves a piece of ass they are already attracted to.

Prostitutes have a shared fantasy:

Men who pay for prostitutes have fantasies. And they want these fulfilled. Female prostitutes have their own fantasies as well, though it’s usually monetary.

Therefore, with this balance of equation, the woman aims at satisfying her client to his utmost pleasure so he can happily reach deeper into his pocket when paying her and she can fulfill some of her “material or financial fantasies”.

If a man feels he hasn’t been satisfied; he goes off to find a woman who can satisfy his fantasies; regardless of how much it would cost him.

Zero complications:

Prostitutes, both men and women alike do not want complications. The last thing a female prostitute needs is to be impregnated by her client; same way the last thing a man needs is to contract an STD from a female client.

Both parties aren’t friends. They do not care about each other’s past, present or future.

One of them could be struck by a lightening bolt and the other wouldn’t even write an RIP for them lest people become aware they know the other personally.

Both parties avoid complications like the spanish flu.

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Now you know if you pay for sex as a man, you are also a prostitute.

Therefore, say no to free-sex, lol, rather paid sex. Be like me and only have sex when you want to cum, freely, of your own volition. With a partner who has the same standards.

Happy coitus and stop prostituting.

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