‘Four Blondes And A Dyke’? Paris Jackson Sparks Curiosity On Her Sexuality

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Is Paris Jackson saying she is a dyke?

Is this her coming out pre-party or not? Not like it’s anyone’s business what sexuality she decides to take.

“Four non-blondes and a dyke”, those are the words Paris shared with her over four-hundred-thousand followers, Tuesday.

Dyke means lesbian and going by the snapshot which Paris Jackson shared herself, it’d be ridiculous to argue she’s either one of the four non-blondes or one of the four non-blondes is the dyke Paris is referring to.

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four non blondes and a dyke

A photo posted by Paris-Michael K. Jackson (@parisjackson) on

RadarOnline alleged Paris had turned down her father’s wealth and was hanging out with some new ‘pauper’ friends, all in a bid to fit in.

But she is Paris Jackson. Why would she try to fit into poverty?

Paris Jackson calls herself a dyke
Paris Jackson calls herself a dyke

Maybe it’s just teenage drama as the 18 year-old is still undergoing what many teens her age have to go through.

Whatever sexuality she decides to embrace, she’ll always have her faithful fans to accept her choice and then the trolls….. whose job is to throw negative shade.

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