Five Ways to Get Rid of Armpit Fat

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Armpit fat is so dreadful! And it doesn’t respect anybody size, you could be a skinny girl and have very obvious armpit fat.

Armpit fat limits you from wearing certain cloth styles and that’s not good for any stylish person. Armpit fat can be avoided in the early stage if noticed quickly and there are workouts to help get rid of it.

We are listing five ways to get rid of armpit fat.

Wear Right Fitting Bras 


Your bra is the foundation of your closet. If your bra doesn’t have good support, almost anything you wear won’t fit right. Make sure you know your correct bra size and always buy bras that fit, and also pay attention to how the bra fits your underarm region.

Stay away from Extremely Tight Clothing


Extremely tight clothing can make it appear like you have underarm fat even when you don’t, If you wear dresses, and it is too tight, it may pull skin around your armpits, making the skin bunch together.

Stop Slouching 


Keep your neck and shoulders upright, taking care not to hunch over when sitting, standing, or walking. Slouching or hunching over can affect how your body appears and can make skin bunch near the underarms. Not only does slouching get you a bad posture, it also gathers fat around your armpit area. Try to be more conscious of your posture.

Try  Specific Workout Routines


For starters you can go with skipping and if the changes are not visible, then you can go into more muscle tone workout. Muscle tone workout includes;  Triceps dips and push ups. They will diminish the appearance of underarm fat.



If none of the listed options are working for you, you can consider armpit fat liposuction. It rakes about 1 to 2 hours and cost between N300, ooo to a million naira.

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