First Frozen Egg Baby Delivered In Nigeria

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First frozen egg  baby delivered in Nigeria – Bridge Clinic, Lagos has recorded the first successful birth from a frozen egg in Nigeria, with the baby being born on the 16th of February, 2016.

First frozen egg  baby delivered in Nigeria
First frozen egg baby delivered in Nigeria: Baby Tiwatope

The child, a boy named Tiwatope, was born from an oocyte that had been cryopreserved, a process which allows women who aren’t ready to give birth to freeze their eggs until they are ready.

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Dr. Emmanuel Owie, the fertility physician at Bridge Clinic, announced the birth, saying it was a huge milestone for in-vitro fertilization in Nigeria.

“Before his birth, this new practice seemed to be an exclusive preserve of the developed world of Europe and North America. It is even more significant considering the fact that since the report of the first pregnancy through this protocol in 1986, the practice has resulted in the birth of only about 5,000 babies worldwide,” he stated.

The parents of Tiwatope had reportedly struggled with childbearing for 8 years, but it had taken just two months to freeze the eggs and fertilize them.

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“We fertilised the eggs using a standard technique, known as intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) to overcome the egg shell, which normally gets hardened with freezing,” Owie continued.

“The fertilised egg was subsequently transferred into her womb, resulting in the pregnancy of Tiwatope. She had her antenatal care in her family hospital and delivered the baby boy through caesarian section (SC).”





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