Finally, A Means to Having No-Mess Period Sex

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Period sex is a no for many. Not because they don’t like the sex, but, because they don’t like the mess. Yeah, us too.

Hey! Chin up if you dislike – hate is a strong word – period sex, as a means arrives to help  your dilemma; and she comes as a tampon shaped as a cup. Nice!

If you’re a bloodhound then your good to go as “Flex” wouldn’t hinder your sexual ferocity anyway.

The one of a kind tampon seals the blood while leaving a good enough space to allow penetration during coitus.

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While the idea of a tampon which allows sex during menstruation might seem strange to some, for those who know – it’s ‘really’ nothing new as there has been in existence a more less than popular brand which does the same thing and some.

Refinery describes “Flex” as a soft, disc-shaped menstrual barrier that saves the mess of period sex by blocking the cervix.

It also states the tampon can be worn for up to twelve hours. Unlike regular tampons that have to be changed as often as possible.

This one-time-use tampon is so sleek, it looks like a condom.

The site also warns that using “Flex” doesn’t stop conception.  So you either use a condom or you learn the pull-out method.

It also doesn’t stop sexually transmitted diseases or infections so having unprotected sex with a partner whose health status you’re oblivious of is a no-no.

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Unless you insist, then you have a 100/100 chance of getting an STI if you meet someone with a sexually transmitted disease as this bad boy, or rather bad girl Does Not prevent infections; unlike regular condoms.

So,  if you meet a bloodhound who doesn’t mind some menstrual sex, or if you want to have some sex while the queen’s visiting, use a “Flex” and a condom.

Or just the tampon if your partner’s safe.

Happy sexing.

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