Fans Berate Lil Kim For Bleaching Her Skin And Totally Altering Her Looks

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Rapper, Lil Kim, has gotten fans upset with her new appearance which obviously looks like she has caved into the pressure of the industry.

Some of the 41 year-old’s features which appeared to have been worked on were her eyes. They seem stretched back.

This reconstruction has sparked rumors that she had a face lift. Those who saw her at an event in LA on March 31 confirm that Lil’ Kim’s face wasn’t so ‘pulled’ during her outing at Brinks 5th Year Anniversary Party in Los Angeles.

lil kim
Lil Kim at an outing in March

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Other features which looked surgically enhanced include her nose, mouth, chin, and definitely skin tone, which has left her looking ‘white’.

Kim shared a few photos of her new look and her fans aren’t having it as she has been labelled as suffering from inferiority complex.

Miami Heat!!! ???

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Read Fans 

  • ldngod – LOOL this bitch is looking a bleached out mess??.
  • chyllmatic_ – damn Kim you ugly af now…. if Big ever came back from the dead he wouldn’t even know who you are.
  • recentfuture – This is what happens when you hang out with kardashians and they introduce you to their plastic surgeon.
  • tygataikam – look at this bitch???? what the fuck she thinking lmao??.
lil kim
Throwback to Lil Kim 20 years ago and her new look today
  • naeshaz – What is it about brown skin you don’t like Kim honestly????.
  • katieridley88 – People need to leave Lil Kim the hell alone. So what if she’s changed the way she looks!? There are thousands of people out there who work their arses off in the gym everyday to change their appearance. People paying thousands and millions of pounds to alter the way they look. Most people dye their hair because they aren’t happy! What the hell is the problem? Why can’t we support her and be proud that she’s comfortable in her own skin rather than bitching and moaning about something only she has the power over? She’s still an icon and she’s still her. Who cares how she looks!

#aboutlastnight with @bryantmckinnie and @lkl71111 Miami ????????

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  • yoniquebrown – @katieridley88 Comfortable in her “own” skin. If you only know why so many persons bleach you wouldn’t be saying this. That’s not her skin. Nah. Society should get part of the blame for this. Not to mention her daddy for calling her ugly and Biggie topped it off by cheating on her with a white woman + her other exes. There is nothing to love and condone about this. She has always had self-esteem issues in wanting to be something she is not. Too bad she couldn’t see how her melanin was beautiful before all of this.
  • nita_whatyouneed – Wow!!!! white supremacy euro trash standards is a fucking bitch. Like I feel for her.


What do you think of her new look?

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