England Footballer, James Vardy Face Trolls Who Threatened To Rape His One Year-Old Daughter

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James Vardy, Leicester footballer face trolls who threatened to rape his one year-old daughter

Leicester forward James Vardy, 29, and fiancee, Rebecca ‘Becky’ Nicholson have been the latest celebrities to face the test of trolls.

The couple who is due to get married this May received hate tweets including threats to rape their 16 month-old daughter, Sophia.

The 34 year-old mum shared two adorable photographs of the tot wearing her dad’s jersey at Leicester 1-0 victory over Southampton, yesterday.

The first photo was a wefie of Sophia and her mum which was captioned: “Game day! Come on Daddy”; 

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After which Becky posted another with the adorable child wearing a daddy jersey.

Soon after they were posted, the pictures attracted vile trolls who made sick, disrespectful and inhumane comments about his daughter; comments too harsh to publish.

One blatantly wrote on his desire to rape the footballer’s one year-old.

Vardy shared the comments with his 236,000 followers with the caption “Shocking and vile”. 

His wife-to-be also shared her disgust at the comments; she branded one as “a sick fuck” while writing to another: “There are no words for people you! You need locking up”.

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James Vardy with Rebecca Nicholson

Vardy and Becky garnered support from their fans as they also served insults and vile abuses to the stupid commenters who want to rape a baby.

Ex-Blackpool star Gary Taylor-Fletcher tweeted: “Disgraceful and sick”; while one football supporter wrote: “Oh my God – what is this?”. Another fumed: “Report them to the cops.

The Twitter accounts belonging to the vile trolls have been suspended as Leicestershire Police are investigating the matter.

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James Vardy
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Comments on the issue
Bella – I think there ought to be an automatic £5,000 fine for these weirdos.  I’m pretty confident they were just saying it to wind him up and shock people but an instant fine and public shaming would sort it out.  I also think social media advice should be standard for all children over 11 to warn them of the price of posting lewd and vile comments or pictures on the WWW.  
Harb Jagait – Let’s name and shame these utter SCUM BAGS. 
Jimmy – all social media accounts should be registered to the IP address of the user and any insults or threats of any type should be dealt with in the same way as if you issued them in the street, the law needs changed and these lowlifes need dealing with, people who make threats like this need their pc and internet history looked into as well, i would seriously hurt someone who even said the above things in jest.
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