#EatRightAfrica: Ayo Van Elmar Shares How to Eat Nuts for Breakfast

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In this episode of Eat Right Africa, Ayo Van Elmar shares how to eat nuts for breakfast and how cashew nuts lowers blood pressure/decreases hunger.

Though rich in calories, they are a great source of healthy fats. Cashew nuts for instance, are affordable and easy to come by, adding some to your breakfast gives you a stronger feeling of fullness, boosts your metabolism and keeps hunger at bay for a longer while in comparison to breakfasts with higher sugar content.



This episode shows you how to make a quick healthy breakfast that won’t take more than five minutes of you time, and how to fuse more nuts into it. You can watch the video (below) of Ayo Van Elmar sharing her tips on the best way to eat nuts for breakfast and ways to eat cashew nuts.

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