Doris Simeon Is Avoiding ‘Stupid’ Nollywood Movies

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Doris Simeon is avoiding ‘stupid’ Nollywood movies – Nollywood actress Doris Simeon has revealed the reason for absence from the movie scene.

Doris Simeon is avoiding 'stupid' Nollywood movies
Doris Simeon is avoiding ‘stupid’ Nollywood movies

The Apaadi star, in a recent interview, blamed her absence from acting on poor Nollywood movies, saying she didn’t want to spoil her career with a bad movie.

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“It’s just that I’m really scared,” she said in the interview. “I just have to be choosy when it comes to acting now. There is a level you get to in your career, one needs to be careful so as not to spoil all you’ve built over the years on the screen with one stupid movie. So I’m only just trying to be careful and choosy in the kind of productions that I find myself.”

She also shut down the notion that the movie industry only favored light-skinned actresses, naming a couple of actresses who were dark skinned and also successful.

She said: “We have many dark skinned actresses in the industry that are doing great. Funke Akindele isn’t light skinned; Liz Da Silver and many more. We have some topnotch dark skinned actresses that have done so well. It’s a thing of choice; it’s even funny when somebody just comes up and says, ‘oh I don’t like the way God created me’ and decides to change it, so it’s a thing of choice. I don’t believe in that notion.”



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