Don’t Bey Greedy! Clothing Line Disses Beyonce For Hugging Photo Credits

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Beyonce is all about Ivy Park this year as she’s promoting her sports wear line which is distributed by TopShop.

Well, in her recent interview with Elle Magazine cover, Queen Bey is seen sporting her Ivy Park brand crop tank and leggings.

The leggings is owned by Brass from Bronx-based dance-wear manufacturer ‘KD New York’ and they are ‘extremely pissed’ at Mrs Carter for taking them out of the photo credits while highlighting just Ivy Park.

This act makes it seem like the Beyonce-owned label “Ivy Park” owns their product.


KD New York said they weren’t “credited in Elle’s Beyoncé cover story though the singer wore the company’s leggings in the spread, but the piece online only credits Ivy Park, Beyoncé’s own line with Topshop”.

Owner of KD New York, David Lee, told Page Six: “We were fully credited when the story went up, and then I went back a couple of days later and it was removed. Someone [close to Beyoncé] called and said the credits were going to be removed without any explanation”.


Lee said Elle received over sixty pieces of apparel from their brand.

An Elle rep’s response was: “The format of the story was modified solely to benefit user experience and showcase the content”.

The magazine instructs readers on its site to “pick up the print issue on newsstands ‘for a list of complete fashion credits’ while mentioning, ‘Beyoncé wears Ivy Park’ throughout its online credits”.


Lee reiterated with: “If you look at what’s up online right now, it’s implying that everything there belongs to another company. We’re a dance manufacturer in The Bronx. We’re talking about Beyoncé and Topshop sharing a little bit of credit”.

A KD rep called Beyonce’s photo-credit hugging “complete greed” and “disgraceful” stating that “they could not share even a fashion credit with a “Made in USA’ minority-owned clothing line”.

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Why Bey? The least you could do was add them, but then, KD could steal the shine from her clothing.

Regardless, the right thing to do is the right thing to get done.

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