Donald Trump Wants Women To Be Punished For Illegal Abortions

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donald trump

Donald Trump faces mouth-lash amid recent utterance for women committing abortion to be punished

Donald Trump has riled up women and abortion-rights supporters, again, in his recent controversial comment on abortion.

The Republican presidential front-runner said that ‘there would “have to be some form of punishment” for women who have abortions if the procedure were outlawed in the US’. 

This is just one of Trump’s many comments on women issues which has made him a not-so-loved candidate for women and several activists.

Kate Black of Emily’s List, a group committed to electing female Democrats who support abortion rights, said: “If Trump’s words about women – calling us ‘disgusting’, ‘slobs’ and ‘fat pigs’ – didn’t scare us, this should”.

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Anti-abortion activists traditionally have avoided placing blame on women who undergo abortions, but have focused on those who perform the procedure.

In recent years, conservatives have sought to tighten restrictions on abortion clinics and doctors rather than seek an outright ban.

Abortion rights advocates say these measures are meant to restrict women’s access to abortion.

The new laws are particularly widespread in conservative southern states.

donald trump
Donald Trump scouts the fury of abortion supporters
weiberfeind  It’s funny how women are supposed to be treated as equals yet they want to be above criticism, punishment, accountability and responsibility.
satans donkey – How so? If he makes the bad choice of sleeping with you, and it results in a new life, you’ll sue and he has to pay for the next 18 years. Where is his abortion? Instead, he is FORCED to take “PERSONAL:RESPONSIBILITY”. But you made the same choices and get’s to murder away your “mistake”? You make no sense. 
satans donkey – Hypothetically, if something is illegal and you do it anyways, you are a criminal. Why even have laws if people can violate them and not be penalized? And especially something like murder (which abortion is). If you don’t like it, then use your liberty to make better choices with your body. Then you won’t have to take personal responsibility if your choices creates a new human.
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