Didier Drogba Lands In N480M Charity Fraud

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Former Chelsea striker Didier Drogba has a charity he names “Luvvies” – though it has come to light that the sports-star may not be as lovely as his charity sounds since he has only spent £14,115 (N3,993,000) on good causes.

Out of the £1.7 million (N480,930,000) royals and stars all across the world donated to his foundation, Drogba spent over thirty times more on lavish fund-raising parties than on the actual charity.

Drogba promised supporters who include David Beckham, Bono, Frank Lampard, Princess Beatrice and Christine Bleakley, “the cash would build a hospital and help educate impoverished children in his West African homeland of Ivory Coast”.


The bulk of the donation – £439,321 – was spent on lavish fundraising which saw guests such as Estelle perform at a fee. A fee which was taken out of the donation contributed to save children.

The rest of the money wasn’t spent on the charity either, it remained in accounts in banks till it was needed for the next “lavish fundraising party”.

The charity’s backers — including Pele, John Terry, Roger Federer, Donna Air and Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich all made ‘large personal donations’ to Luvvies. The emerging evidence of Drogba being in charity fraud is horrifyingly shocking to them.

Drogba at one of his fundraisers

When questioned about his millions of pounds worth of sponsorship from Samsung, Pepsi and Nike, Drogba states the money has gone to charity.

The charity’s UK account doesn’t hold any such sums as suggestions imply the money has been paid into an account in the charity’s name in Ivory Coast.

Spokesman for the charity claims “all of these sponsorship money have been used for charitable activities”. Meanwhile, UK Charity Commission as well as the UK arm of the charity states none of the transactions had gone through them as well as the activities Drogba and his team claim to have achieved haven’t been open for scrutiny.

The built but empty clinic in Ivory Coast

Minister for Civil Society, Rob Wilson, said “the allegations were ‘extremely worrying’ as the documents analysed by Specialist forensic accountants on behalf of the Mail said “it was ‘crystal clear’ that ‘virtually nothing’ raised in the UK by the foundation has been spent on charitable activities”.

The UN will be one of the most embarrassed – among others – by the time this becomes a full-blown case as it praises Drogba’s foundation on the UN website and also made Drogba one of its Goodwill Ambassadors in 2007.

The clinic was supposed to treat 10,000 patients a year

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The UN has promised to launch an investigation on the footballer who dotes an iconic status across Africa

In a series of revelations starting today, the Daily Mail reveals how the charity:

1 – Raised more than £1.7 million in the UK over five years, but spent just 0.8 per cent of this on good causes.

2 – Claimed to be funding the construction of a hospital and up to five other clinics — but has built only one clinic, which has no staff or medical equipment.


3 – Told supporters one fundraising ball in London had raised £300,000 — even though it was so expensive to put on that it lost £71,000.

4 – Until last year, it had an Ivorian FIFA executive, who was later questioned by police on allegations of bribery, as one of its three trustees.

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