Cultural Appropriation: Black Woman Goes Gangstar On White Boy For Having Dreadlocks

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cultural appropriation

A Black Woman Has Accused A White Boy Of “Cultural Appropriation” For Having Dreads

A San Francisco State University student, Cory Goldstein, 18, was accused, Monday, of “cultural appropriation” by a black female student of the same University in a video that has gone viral.

The environmental science major – refused to accept that “wearing dreadlocks is cultural appropriation” as the origin of the hairstyle springs from several cultures before the existence of the “black community”.

Goldstein said: “I felt I didn’t need to explain myself. It’s my hair, my rules, my body”.

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cultural appropriation

In the video:

A black male companion of the female SFSU student defends the woman.

After stopping him to say he’s appropriating a traditionally black hairstyle, she asks her friend if he has a pair of scissors.

‘You’re saying I can’t have a hair style because of your culture. Why?’ asks Goldstein.

‘Because it’s my culture,’ the woman says.

He makes a comment about it ‘being Egyptian’ and he asks her if she’s Egyptian.

She then throws the question back at him asking him if he’s Egyptian before asking over and over ‘Where is Egypt?’

She then creates a physical barrier to prevent him from walking up a stairwell. 

‘Yo, stop touching me right now,’ Goldstein tells her.

She then pulls him down the stairs saying, ‘come here’, and tells him not to put his hands on her.

cultural appropriation

A 2013 article on The Root website said that white people could have dreadlocks, “but it’s not the same. Don’t expect to enjoy the style without the scrutiny”, Heavy reports.

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The black woman’s “cultural appropriation” was “inappropriate” for many. Read the comments below.

Chad Meister –  lol are you kidding? he did what any reasonable person would do and stood up for himself. she was being a grabby cunt trying to start conflicts   
Nik Karim – the white boy did the right thing. he walked away. if it was me, i would be yelling 
JMJRulz –  If it was me, there would’ve been a punch or two thrown.
sneakman chronicles – anyone else got an instant aneyurism when she said “do not put your hands on me” AFTER she put her hands on him? 
Mike Thorwart6 – She blocked his path in order to get in his face. Regardless though, she’s a cunt that should have been aborted.
Kuk Din mamma – Martin Luther King would facepalm if he saw this.
Samuel Palmquist – that dip shit in the background looks like a gay inspector gadget.
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