Cointreau Creative Crew Nigeria: Betty Irabor, Ituen Bassey, Eku Edewor, Lami Tumaka & More (Photos)

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Cointreau announced the launch of its new global philanthropic programme in Nigeria on Sunday 10th April 2016. The programme tagged; the Cointreau Creative Crew was launched last year in the UK and is curated by Laetitia Casta as the Creative Director.

The objective of the Cointreau Creative Crew is to promote the development of women’s creative freedom and expression as well as encourage women to work towards taking their initial dream and extending it into a tangible creative reality. The programme will provide an entrepreneur with the opportunity to be awarded a grant of €20,000 to support their creative project and is also open to men.

Betty Irabor, Founder and Publisher of Genevieve Magazine is spearheading the programme as the Creative Curator of the Cointreau Creative Crew, Nigeria and enlisted a network of seasoned professionals, entrepreneurs and creatives including Lami Tumaka, Barbara Lawrence, Ituen Bassey, Denrele Sonariwo, Neku Atawodi, Afua Osei, Eku Edewor and Yagazie Emezi. These women form the jury and committee of the Cointreau Creative Crew and were unveiled at the campaign launch.

Guests were able to design Signature Cointreau Fizz cocktails to suit their tastes accompanied with delicious canapés. The Cointreau Creative Crew also created their own inspired cocktails. Temi Dollface entertained and thrilled attendees with her distinct sound.

The campaign is intended to shape the marketing strategy of the brand for the next decade. Call for entries for the grant will be announced in a few weeks.

Here are the pictures from the Cointreau Wall – guests were tasked to dress Parisian. Who do you think ticked all the boxes for your favourite ‘Paris’ inspired outfit?

Cointreaucreativecrewlaunch_Betty irabor_360nobs
Betty Irabor, CCCNG2016 Curator
Cointreaucreativecrewlaunch_Lami Tumaka_360nobs
Lami Tumaka
Cointreaucreativecrewlaunch_Adebayo Oke-Lawal_360nobs
Adebayo Oke-Lawal
Cointreaucreativecrewlaunch_Afua Osei_360nobs
Afua Osei
Cointreaucreativecrewlaunch_Amaechi Okobi_360nobs
Amaechi Okobi
Cointreaucreativecrewlaunch_Ann Ogunsulire_360nobs
Ann Ogunsulire
Cointreaucreativecrewlaunch_Azuka Ogunjuiba_360nobs
Azuka Ogunjuiba
Cointreaucreativecrewlaunch_Beatrice Abebe_360nobs
Beatrice Abebe

Betty Irabor

Cointreaucreativecrewlaunch_Bidemi Zakariyau & Betty Irabor_360nobs
Bidemi Zakariyau & Betty Irabor
Cointreaucreativecrewlaunch_Bidemi Zakariyau & Denola Grey_360nobs
Bidemi Zakariyau & Denola Grey
Cointreaucreativecrewlaunch_Bidemi Zakariyau_360nobs
Bidemi Zakariyau
Cointreaucreativecrewlaunch_Bola Balogun_360nobs
Bola Balogun
Cointreaucreativecrewlaunch_Bolanle Olukanni_360nobs
Bolanle Olukanni
Cointreaucreativecrewlaunch_Chizor Malize_360nobs
Chizor Malize
Cointreaucreativecrewlaunch_Denola Grey_360nobs
Denola Grey
Cointreaucreativecrewlaunch_Denrele Sonariwo & Yumi Smith_360nobs
Denrele Sonariwo & Yumi Smith
Cointreaucreativecrewlaunch_Derin Odugbesan-Thomas_360nobs
Derin Odugbesan-Thomas
Cointreaucreativecrewlaunch_Eku Edewor_360nobs
Eku Edewor
Cointreaucreativecrewlaunch_Eunice Efole_360nobs
Eunice Efole
Cointreaucreativecrewlaunch_Fisayo Bakare_360nobs
Fisayo Bakare
Cointreaucreativecrewlaunch_Zainab Balogun_360nobs
Zainab Balogun
Cointreaucreativecrewlaunch_Yagazie Emezi_360nobs
Yagazie Emezi
Cointreaucreativecrewlaunch_Vivian Oputa_360nobs
Vivian Oputa
Cointreaucreativecrewlaunch_Toun Okewale Soniya (right)_360nobs
Toun Okewale Soniya (right)
Cointreaucreativecrewlaunch_Temi Dollface_360nobs
Temi Dollface
Cointreaucreativecrewlaunch_Sika Osei_360nobs
Sika Osei
Cointreaucreativecrewlaunch_Sharon Ojong_360nobs
Sharon Ojong
Cointreaucreativecrewlaunch_Sharon Ojong & Asake Oge_360nobs
Sharon Ojong & Asake Oge
Cointreaucreativecrewlaunch_Tayo Ogunyemi_360nobs
Tayo Ogunyemi
Cointreau Creative Crew_IMG-20160413-WA0001_360nobs
Boluwa Olojo
Cointreaucreativecrewlaunch_Nona Adimora_360nobs
Nona Adimora
Cointreaucreativecrewlaunch_Ruth Benemasia_360nobs
Ruth Benemasia
Cointreaucreativecrewlaunch_Ngozi Princewill-Utchay_360nobs
Ngozi Princewill-Utchay
Cointreaucreativecrewlaunch_Neku Atawodi_360nobs
Neku Atawodi
Cointreaucreativecrewlaunch_Mouka Chidera_360nobs
Mouka Chidera
Cointreaucreativecrewlaunch_Mimi Onoloja_360nobs
Mimi Onoloja
Cointreaucreativecrewlaunch_Lami Tumaka & Betty irabor_360nobs
Lami Tumaka & Betty irabor
Cointreaucreativecrewlaunch_Khadija & Ituen Bassey_360nobs
Khadija & Ituen Bassey
Cointreaucreativecrewlaunch_Kaylah Oniwo_360nobs
Kaylah Oniwo
Cointreaucreativecrewlaunch_Niki Isiche_360nobs
Niki Isiche
Cointreaucreativecrewlaunch_Tewa Onasanya_360nobs
Tewa Onasanya
Cointreaucreativecrewlaunch_Frank Osodi_360nobs
Frank Osodi
Cointreaucreativecrewlaunch_Gaelle Boumso & Marie-Jo Ngamaleu_360nobs
Gaelle Boumso & Marie-Jo Ngamaleu
Cointreaucreativecrewlaunch_Ifeoma Odogwu_360nobs
Ifeoma Odogwu

Cointreaucreativecrewlaunch_IMG_0096_360nobs Cointreaucreativecrewlaunch_IMG_0132_360nobs Cointreaucreativecrewlaunch_IMG_0137_360nobs












Photo Credits: LSFPR



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