Clarion Chukwura Releases Photos Of Her Secret Marriage To Her Third Husband

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Clarion Chukwura finally shares photos of her marriage to Anthony Boyd, her U.S. based fiancé.

He is her third husband. The wedding was a quiet affair in Georgia.

The renowned actress married her first husband, a man only known as Mr. Abiola. The marriage ended in 2003. Subsequently she married Femi Oduneye fondly called Femi Egyptian; They split in 2006 but only got divorced recently.

Yesterday, she shared pictures on her Facebook wall officially announcing her current relationship status: “History made, destiny fulfilled, me and hubby on Savannahs Street, Georgia.“Just Married…Anthony and Clarion Boyd.”clarion1

clarion2Clarion is the mother of famous music director, Clarence Peters. Clarence is a love child from a relationship Clarion had with legendary musician Shina Peters 34 years ago.




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