Is Chris Brown’s ‘Back To Sleep’ Promoting Rape Culture?

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Chris Brown

Best Coast singer, Bethany Cosentino knows Chris Brown is no newbie to controversy and this ‘rape promoter tag’ presently trailing Breezy will either make a crack in his already cracked public image or it will roll away along with all other controversies that have come his way in times past.

Bethany implies his new song titled “Sex You Back To Sleep” vocally depicts Brown crooning about having non-consensual sex with a girl as he urges her to keep mute as he ‘f***’s’ her.

While some like Bethany feel Breezy is promoting rape culture, the majority oppose that point of view as the song neither feels nor sounds – either verbally or lyrically – like Breezy was raping or encouraging anyone to rape a female.

Is Bethany clinging on Chris’s name for fame or does she have a point?


Best Coast Singer
Best Coast, Singer, Bethany Cosentino

Bethany with the handle @BestCoast tweeted:

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Here’s a snip of the song:

I know you got work pretty early, I’ll be around by 3: 30
Usually you’re done one, so baby when I wake you up

Just let me rock, fuck you back to sleep girl
Don’t say a word no (no, don’t you talk)
Baby just hold on tight to me girl
Fuck you back to sleep girl, rock you

Ain’t sorry that I woke ya, I ain’t sorry ’bout ya job
Call sick in the morning so I can get a little bit more of your love
I know you want me, how you feel me cause you never disagree
So when you wake from your sleep, girl

Just let me rock, fuck you back to sleep girl
Don’t say a word no, girl don’t you talk
Just hold on tight to me girl
Fuck you back to sleep girl, and rock you back

Ain’t sorry that I woke ya, I ain’t sorry ’bout ya job, fuck you back to sleep girl
Call sick in the morning so I can get a little bit more of your love
Ain’t sorry that I woke ya, I ain’t sorry ’bout ya job, fuck you back to sleep girl
Call sick in the morning so I can get a little bit more of your love

What’s your opinion, is it just another hit RnB single from Chris Breezy or are you Team Best Coast and feel the song is really promoting rape culture?


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  1. Well, I wouldn’t have known who that singer was nor would she and her be in the headlines had she not mentioned Chris. She tweeted demanding to know where in the song does Chris ask the woman for consent (because not asking – singing – for consent in an R&B song is akin to actual rape and promotes rape culture?) Here: “Wondering if the same old understanding, stands?” Last line in the first verse. Your snip of the lyrics isn’t a snip it includes everything BUT that line. How convenient.

    This lady also suggests in her tweets that Chris and anyone who sings the song is trash. Maybe she doesn’t realize that there are three official remixes/versions that also includes Usher, Zayn, Miguel, Trey Songz, August Alsina, Anthony Hamilton and more, who all sing the exact same thing along with their own explicit verses. Or maybe she is including them and she thinks all male R&B singers are trash. Maybe she should just stay away from R&B and hip hop then.

    Here’s a “snip” of Usher’s version. “Fuck you to sleep, wake you up again, I go so deep, beat it up again” shall we twist his lyrics, take them out of context and suggest he is also promoting rape? Telling a woman he’s going to “beat it up again”, is Usher promoting domestic violence too? “Baby just lay there naked, waiting for me” is a line from former One Direction member Zayn’s verse, should we call him out? C’mon. NO. See how ridiculous that all sounds? This is a song. If you don’t like it, don’t listen.

    1. Here’s lines/”snips” from the other versions/remixes of Back To Sleep for you that I hand picked to show how easy it is to take lyrics out of context and make a man look awful, in order make a point –

      “No holding back, baby, let go
      I’m about to hit that, it’s ’bout to make you climax
      Know that you can get back to sleep soon” – August Alsina, promoting rape?

      “Baby, I know it’s late, yeah, I’ve been so frustrated
      Oh, all the things I’ll do to you once I get in the room” – Trey Songz, promoting rape?

      “Spit on it, choke, grab on your throat, cum for me, beg for it
      Baby, I got that bomb dick
      Tell your sister and your mom that I don’t beg
      Cause I fuck you like I hate you” – Miguel, promoting rape and violence?

      But if you read all the lyrics and take them in context, with any bias against Chris Brown set aside, it is clear this song is not about rape nor are any of these men promoting rape. It’s about sex with a woman they are hooking up with. Miguel’s verse is a bit much, but hey, some people are in that kinda stuff – we take no issue with Rihanna singing about how chains and whips excite her (S&M), and rightly so, but then why do we hold these lyrics against men? It isn’t uncommon for a woman to ask a man to tell her what he wants to do to her or is going to do to her, nor is it uncommon for a men to tell her – couples are texting/sexting these things all the time (especially those in long distance relationships), many find it a turn-on. For others, this song is way too explicit and sexual and they’d never talk like that, and that’s fine too – but that doesn’t justify making such unfair accusations of others. Besides, blaming Chris Brown and/or others R&B singers for rape and sexual assault takes the blame away from the people who actually commit these crimes. Rapists will defend themselves using the supposed influence of R&B singers and songs as a scapegoat if society accepts this as a legitimate cause for or influence on a person’s criminal behaviour.

    2. i agree i mean whats the problem its just a song and who the hell is she anyway?! i don’t even know her myself or heard of her and then she comes out and says that. lets get it straight here all R&B singers have lyrics about sex or whatever it is if you don’t like it don’t listen to it then, she should stick with what shes doing shes not even well known to everyone . i’m a fan of chris brown right and i love listening to his music. why dosent she pick on other artists? why chris brown? all r&b male singers are the best. she needs to shut up and carry on with her own rubbish career

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