Can You Pick a Favourite? Check out all Zazaii Influencer Series

share on: Started their Influencer series in December 2015.

They select influencers and do a feature on them. The series has featured influencers from various parts of the entertainment industry. We check out the influencers that featured in the series.

Stephanie Coker 

We start off with Stephanie who was featured in December 2015 for Stephanie Coker channels 60’s inspired looks for the debut of the Zazaii influencer series






At 5ft 6 in with chin length hair and big brown eyes, Steph, as she’s called by her nearest and dearest, cuts a stylish figure on screen  in MTV’s super-successful Street Request and off-screen in urban ensembles that caught the eye of the fashion cognoscenti as far back as 2013. As a celebrated media personality, the diminutive beauty knows a thing or two about dressing to influence. Today, she’s a resident of Lagos city, but her journey from a schoolgirl at St Mary’s in England to one of the continent’s brightest stars is quite the tale.

Toni Tones
Meet the photographer, singer, muse and actress Toni Tones. The singer talks eclectic style and musical inspirations with The ‘Trenditorial’.influencerseries_Zazaii_012_360nobsinfluencerseries_Zazaii_013_360nobsinfluencerseries_Zazaii_014_360nobs




Toni began her fashion life as a photographer in 2009 and has gone on to work in TV, music and movies . Her style has continued to evolve with the help of a chic inner circle and a whirlwind diary: she is a muse for  designer Yemi Shoyemi; regularly attends Lagos fashion & Design Week and fashion soirees.
Vimbai Mutinhiri

Vimbai  Mutinhiri Smolders in the February Issue of the ZAZAII INFLUENCER SERIES in collaboration with Denaki Lingerie.






We’ve always been drawn to Vimbai’s candor and inherent grace, and thanks to our latest collaboration with Denaki Lingerie, we shoot a sultry yet down to earth set of images with the star. Even when laid totally bare, stripped of any apparatus, clothing, or even a fictitious character to hide behind—Vimbai is utterly commanding, regal, even. And that quality, that underlying grace, mixed with her fearlessness to go there—makes her a singular personality. But what makes Ms. Mutinhiri really shine is her joie de vivre, that careless charm, that draws you in and still comes across as completely effortless.

Liz Awoliyi 

Liz Awoliyi takes on the bohemian trend for the Zazaii influencer series




influencerseries_Zazaii_002_360nobs influencerseries_Zazaii_003_360nobs

The Genevieve Online editor chats about her eclectic style to her role as an online influencer.  Liz Awoliyi isn’t afraid of taking risks. She talks to The Trenditorial about work, style, and everything in between.




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