Is Calorad Debasing And Fat-shaming Women In Its Online Ad Campaign?

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Calorad, according to its manufacturers, is a weight-loss supplement that contains collagen and aloe vera and it is aimed at providing a weight loss solution for people.

Calorad has been in business for over 20 years outside the shores of Nigeria but has recently starting gaining ground in the country, mostly employing its social media accounts for engaging ad campaigns to draw in customers, specifically females.

However, they took the wrong turn when they posted a series of comic ad visuals that capitalized on creating insecurities for plus-sized women.

Rather than talk about the health risks of obesity, Calorad decided to use most plus-size women’s biggest fear for profit. I’ll say for profit as it’d be unfair to say their fear was used out of ‘concern’.calorad2

In the campaign, the drug company is basically telling plus-size women, and not too indirectly, that being plus-size is one reason your man can cheat on you or leave you.

We all know that every woman at some point in her life suffers from body insecurities especially with her weight. For some women, these issues come and go but there are those that live with them all their lives and struggle with either maintaining the size they desire or losing the excess fat.

They struggle with acceptance, self-esteem and not feeling pretty enough to fit into what the world terms the accepted size a woman should be. For such women, weight loss is not the only solution; total healing that aims to build up their sense of self is what they need. That is why many women who are slim or have achieved considerable weight loss still do not feel good or accepted, and will continue to punish their bodies to reach a goal that cannot be attainable.

Calorad has simply shown that it does not care. It’s message is simple: Slim down or lose your man. Stay slim and steal the fat woman’s man.

Rather than making women feel comfortable in their own skin, the ad shows women as mere objects of men’s gratification and Calorad would get them the attention from men they are missing in their lives.

It scares them into buying the pills which is tragic. It should be a health tactic rather than a fat-shaming tactic.

See the ad below:





*shaking our heads*

There are lots of ways to teach fat people to make better health choices than limiting it to just a relationship; besides, the man in the ad is not the ideal man any woman should want in her life.

The advert damagingly portrays men as strays who will only act nicely to a woman if they don’t have another interesting, ‘slimmer’ option.

It gives a very wrong impression when a plus-size women begin to think, “Will he leave me for a slim woman?” The slim women thinking, “It’s okay to snatch a ‘fat’ woman’s man”, and the men also thinking, “I’ll cheat on my ‘fat’ woman with a slim chick, anyday, anytime”.


Calorad Nigeria, you need to do better than this and it would be nice if you pulled down the ad and aplogized to women. This is a terrible portrayal of what the Nigerian woman is. You don’t peddle your wares by pulling your customer down.

If a woman decides to lose weight just ‘because of a man’, she would have her weight fixed but her self-esteem will always be in pieces; until she realizes she is beautiful in every size she comes.

Ladies, love your body no matter what size you are. Stay healthy to live longer and happier.


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—Wendiva, Sally

images gotten from Calorad Nigeria Facebook page

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