Boko Haram Resorts To ‘Strapping Bombs To Birds’ For Suicide Mission

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After suffering successive defeats from the gallant troops of the Nigerian military, the vicious Islamic group, Boko Haram may have devised another strategy for its operations.

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Boko Haram militants now strap bombs to birds as it continues to develop more deadly weapons in its bloody insurgency in Africa, The Independent, a United Kingdom Newspaper said.

This revelation was brought to light by the commander of a coalition battling the Isis-affiliated militants, Major General Lamidi Adeosun, at a meeting with American diplomats and security officials.

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Adeosun showed gruesome photos of the victims of Boko Haram’s attacks and their latest weapons during the briefing at the Multinational Joint Task Force’s headquarters in Chad on Wednesday.

One picture showed a bird with an explosive strapped on its back, demonstrating “a lot of ingenuity,” he said.

Adeosun was quoted as saying his forces had received intelligence that ISIS members were being embedded with Boko Haram but that the Nigerian sect had not satisfied requirements for greater operational co-ordination.

This is not the first time an Islamic death sect will be using animals to carry explosive devices, as photos had emerged in July 2015, claiming to show bombs strapped to chickens by Isis fighters in the Iraqi city of Fallujah.

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There was speculation that they could be resorting to increasingly bizarre means of destruction while running out of ammunition but the account could not be verified.



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