Beyonce Releases Lemonade Trailer [VIDEO]

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Beyonce Releases Lemonade Trailer – Beyonce has released a new trailer for something, and the only thing we know is that the title is Lemonade.

Beyonce Releases Lemonade Trailer
Beyonce Releases Lemonade Trailer

Beyonce had dropped her eponymous 5th studio album to a huge success in December 2013, and might most lileky be using the same tactics for her upcoming 6th album, which has been reportedly called #B6.

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HBO has however now released an official trailer for Lemonade, which is simply described as: “Beyoncé’s exclusive world premiere event premieres April 23 on HBO at 9PM ET/6PM PT.”

Is Lemonade a new video? Or is it the album itself? The suspense is killing! Watch the trailer below!



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