All Hail Rihanna As She Smashes The Beatles’ Record On Billboard Top 100

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rihanna breaks beatles record

Rihanna has smashed The Beatles record for the total number of weeks spent as No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100.

Her song “Work” is spending it’s solid ninth week at the top of US charts placing her at No. 1 with 14 songs over a tally of sixty weeks.

The Beatles overall count lost to the Caribbean singer by just one week.

rihanna breaks beatles record
Rihanna beat The Beatles with just one week count for the No. 1 spot

RiRi makes her way into the list of all-time chart toppers but for her to get the crown, she has to knock off Mariah Carey whose record is still strong at seventy-nine weeks.

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Rihanna’s number spot has been majorly influenced by features as ‘some of the songs counted as number one are actually collaborations Rihanna had with other artistes’.

rihanna breaks beatles record
Rihanna beat The Beatles for The Billboards Top 100, now she has to contend with Mariah Carey

For instance, the hit single, ‘Live Your Life’ spent six weeks at number one in 2008, and was performed by rapper T.I.

Rihanna appeared in the song as a guest vocalist.

Also hit songs like ‘Monster’ and ‘Love the Way You Lie’ spent a combined total of eleven weeks at number one and were both performed by Eminem.

Rihanna featured by singing the choruses to both songs.

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The Billboard Hot 100 was set up in August 1958 –and had sales data been collected before this cutoff, Elvis Presley would have shared the No 1 mantle with Carey.

rihanna breaks beatles record
Rihanna’s ‘Work’ and other song collaborations helped push The Beatles a week down

Do you think Rihanna can break Mariah’s record?

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