Abby’s Diary #20 By Fiksionist

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This episode is dedicated to you all for staying so amazing. I really appreciate the comments and feedbacks. To all of you that have shared this blog via word of mouth or social media, receive warm hugs for the night. May God bless you!!!!!!


The Fiksionist.

Dear Diary,


The guests roared to Iyanya’s Mr. Oreo as he whined his waist to the thrill of the ladies (and some fags). Smart phones were held high to capture the moment and the guests had their groove on as they sang along to the artist’s hit songs. Jumoke’s wedding was not just a wedding; it was an event for the crème de la crème in Lagos and was already trending on Instagram and Twitter. Adewale Ayuba was next to perform and I could see Aunty Alero and her new in-law telling the iyas and babas to exercise a little patience with Iyanya’s stripper moves. Did I tell you the Governor’s wife was there? So can you now imagine the kind of people there? Thank God I bought the aso ebi sha so it won’t be like my own is just the worst.

You know what the most beautiful thing was? It was the fact that in spite of the crowd, when you looked at Jumoke and her husband it felt like no other person was there except just both of them. It was like that Justin Timberlake’s ‘Mirror’ line;

I’m looking right at the other half of me

The vacancy that sat in my heart

Is a space that now you hold…

It was in the way he looked at her, in the way he held the crook of her arm as they danced to a song or just the way he whispered something in her ear when they thought no one was watching. Yes, they looked like the word love. I envied her but at the same time I was so happy she felt this way for someone. I picked up my phone to re-read the last message she sent to me on BBM:

-I know you love him and you want to keep him. But cooking him will neva give u the peace you want my sister.

-I feel ur pain cos I have been der too but bliv me, he aint worth it.  

She had called me later that night after the chat we had to convince me to let go of what I had with Jake and I listened to her in agreement, only to cry myself to sleep that night. Dear Diary, he had called all day but I didn’t answer any of his calls. I knew I was hurting and didn’t know how to just break free from the rioting emotions but I had to start from somewhere. Little by little, I had started moving out of the house. I didn’t want him to notice it until when I was ready to just walk away.

“Why are you sitting here?!” Ogama said loudly, trying to be heard over the speakers.

“That place will be too hot abeg!” I responded loudly too.

She sat down on the seat next to mine and sipped on her lukewarm chapman. “Kill joy!Mehn, this is the wedding of the year! I am so glad Julius came so that he will see how ours will be.”

I rolled my eyes.” I have always wanted my wedding simple and classy abeg. This noise will distract people from me and boo”

“Whatever! Did I tell you that this guy is here?”

“What guy?” I asked

“Oh, there he is!” Ogama exclaimed, pointing at someone.

My people, as I lifted my eyes I saw Mr. Toyota Corolla in a full black chef uniform. I am so sure that kitchen would have burnt down by now because this guy in this uniform was just too hot! Dayum! I swallowed my vain thought with a gulp of water. Who knew Mr. Toyota Corolla was a chef biko? Who knew? Someone call 911. I took some more water.

He hugged Ogama before turning to me. “Hi Abby!” He was shouting because of the loud noise.

“Hi.” I replied without looking at him.

“ Guys lemme go watch some Iyanya jor!” Ogama left us and he settled into the seat she had occupied.

“Can we talk outside for a bit?” He asked, looking a little nervous. “This place is a little noisy!”

“A little? Very noisy!” I replied with a smile. I saw him feel at ease and we left the hall.

Outside, the sun welcomed us with a warm hug. The weather seemed cool enough for a stroll and we walked towards the car park.

“That Iyanya guy though, I pray his hips don’t dislocate one of these days o. What’s with all the twisting?”

He looked so serious and I couldn’t help but laugh.

He laughed too. “Yes nau. He will now be making some of us look incompetent.”

“You aint serious o.” I said laughing. “Do you feel incompetent?”

He shrugged. “In his twisting ministry, yeah.”

We both laughed and fell into silence. He held my hand and turned me to him when we got to the car park. “ I am so sorry about what I did the last time we saw. I shouldn’t have-“

“It’s okay Cheta. I sort of over-reacted too. I guess both of us always have one problem or the other.”

“From today, I give you my word, no more problems.” He crossed his heart with his right hand.

I smiled. “Why didn’t you ever tell me you are a chef?”

“Why didn’t you ever ask?”

“Touché.”  I said with a smile. “But you don’t look like one.”

He was about saying something when a light skinned lady in heels walked up to us.

“Baby I have been looking everywhere for you. I called your number but it is switched off.”

I knew the voice was familiar but…

“Abby, sorry.” Cheta said. “Meet Zara, Zara meet Abby.”


We both stood, facing each other before shaking hands briefly.

This world is so small. So Zara was Cheta’s boo? I felt a prick of jealously but it was only a small tiny, dismissible one.

Dear Diary, I wish them all the best. Abi, how I go do?  


Iyas and babas- the eldery

Aso ebi- cloth of the family for an occassion

Abi how I go do?- what should I do?



She is a writer, blogger, bathroom-singer and she loves to laugh. Her mind is her playground and if you want to know more… Visit Follow her on Twitter @loglilmary


  1. Oh dear, oh dear!! Now Zara has been thrown into the mix just when I was beginning to picture Mr Chef and Abby together……

  2. Wow what an interesting episode. I’m glad Abby is gradually getting over this Jake guy, d part I love the most is “cooking him will neva give u the peace you want my sister”

  3. @Calabar Girl- LOL. Sorry.

    @Aum- My dear, no matter what you do, if the love aint real, its not.

    @Mrs J- So sorry dear. More is coming n it will be worth the wait.

    @Mimi- Sorry dear.

    @Yugo- Don’t worry, it will be worth the wait.

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