5 Weird Signs That Shows Your Body Needs Some Water

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Dehydration is certainly not a good thing and the fact that you are not feeling thirsty does not mean your body isn’t feeling thirsty too.

There are many weird signs of dehydration that we might not know and so we have ignorantly avoid them and these goes further to cause some damages to our body.

Water has many positive effects on our body like prevention of illness, sound brains, muscles, glowing skin and a host of others. Hence the need to take at least 8 glasses of water in a day.

Today we have put together 5 weird signs that shows you are dehydrated, check them out below;


bad breath

This is a very nasty but real effect of dehydration. According to Everyday Health, our saliva has antibacterial properties, therefore preventing the bacterial overgrowth that leads to bad breath. If we’re not drinking enough water, our bodies can’t make enough saliva which in turn causes very horrible breath.



If you are living on a healthy diet, exercising and still gaining some weight then you need to read this point till the end. Dehydration slows down the metabolism process and negatively affects your body’s ability to burn fat.



When our bodies become too hot especially while working out, it tends to release the extra heat through a process called sweating in order to regulate our temperature. But if there isn’t enough water in our systems to produce sweat, we miss out on the normal regulation that ought to take place and have all the heat trapped in our bodies.


oily skin

This is probably one of the weirdest effects of dehydration that most people have ignored.  It leaves a lot of people confused when their oily skin suddenly becomes all dried up, no one has a dual skin type is one fact that needs to be put out there.


Sad woman with tissue and medicines lying on bed

Dehydration has a lot to do with how your immune system performs. Every organ in your body relies on water and so when you are not getting enough water to replace those you loose naturally via sweat, urination etc, your cells stop getting the required nutrients it needs which in turn leads to ailment.



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