6 Tips That Can Help You Have Awesome Shower Sex

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Shower sex can be awkward and difficult to make for several reasons. Movies make it seem simple and fun but there are a lot of things you have to worry about from the size of the shower space, to avoiding having a fall and soap getting into your eyes and the wrong places. Sex in the shower can be tricky to say the least but when it goes down, it can be of more fun than you can ever fathom.

Here are 6 tips and tricks you should employ to achieve the steamy shower sex you’ve always fantasized about.

Be Spontaneous
Nothing beats you showing up naked without your partner expecting you to while they are all ‘ soaped’ up in the bathroom. Right before your partner turns around, stand behind them and rub your privates against them. Get a sponge and stroke their bodies until you get to their sensitive parts. Do this the right way and your partner will always have thoughts of your actions anytime they step into the shower to take a bath.

Put On A Naked Show
In truth, the bedroom and most parts of the house do not allow you and your partner enough time to enjoy each others nakedness in full glory. You may want to employ erotic bathing by ensuring that you flaunt your naked body as much as you can to your partner for them to know how hot and sexy your body is.
Have your partner sit across you in the shower tub then proceed to lather your sponge with a scented soap or gel. Make your partner crave for your body by giving them a show as you lather yourself up while allowing the foams of the soap cover all parts of your body. Tease your partner and watch your partner crave for your body.

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Mutual Masturbation
Mutual masturbation is a good way to get your groove on in the bathroom. This is a good way of preparing the crevices of your body for penetration through a process known as foreplay. The shower is a good place for masturbation because the soap and water creates a more sensual atmosphere. A detachable shower head and water-based lubricant can come in handy here. The lubricant can help you caress each other with your hands and increase the sexual tempo.

Choose The Right Position
Getting on with actual sex in the shower can be tricky. It is important you pick a position that’s not only comfortable but pleasurable for you and your partner. The best positions include:

This position is similar to the missionary position and is only different in the fact that it entails standing. The female can lean against the wall while the man holds her in the crook of his elbow. It may however require the man bending at his knees to gain good penetration.

Bath Tub Doggy style
This position will require the female bending over and holding on to the rim of the bath tub. The female will have to bend her knees a bit so as to maintain balance. The sensation that comes with the trickling of water down the skin can make you as pleasurable as you can ever imagine.

Edge Sex
Either of you or your partner can sit at the edge of the bath tub but preferably, the female can have her back turned to the man. Her hands can be gently lowered on to the man’s knees to help balance the position. The woman is in prime position to control the depth and tempo of sex.

Oral Comes In Handy
The freshness and cleanliness will make shower sex enticing and it’s best you and your partner take full advantage of this. Either one of you or your partner can drop your knees to pleasure the other or you both can choose to take turns. The sensation of water trickling down your privates parts and the intensity that comes with good oral sex prowess should be enough to make your shower sex session explosive.

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The shower environment should be enough to encourage you and your partner to try out new moves and styles you’ve not considered trying on dry land. For instance, you can consider putting your penis in between her breasts while they are soapy and we’ll lathered. The woman can sit right on the edge of the tub while ensuring there is a good foothold. The woman can use the heels of her hand to push her breasts together to make a bridge. Lubricants can make the side more slippery and the activity more sexy and enjoyable.

You may want to consider adding sexual props such as vibrators, dildos, paddles, cuffs and lubricants if you and your partner are into rough sex. You should however remember that safety is the key word while you’re in the bathroom. Be as careful as possible to avoid things going wrong.



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