50Cent’s Rep Clarifies Third Son Drama: ‘He Is Just A Kid The Rapper Wants To Mentor’

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50Cent has pulled a Houdini, again, or not.

The 41 year-old rapper who is famous for publicity stunts shared about finding his new son at a meet and greet event, Sunday.

A rep for 50 revealed Davian isn’t his biological son rather a son from the street who loves 50Cent a lot and he i.e 50, will be mentoring him, like a mini-50cent.

Rectifying the situation, a rep for 50Cent’s team told MirrorUK: “Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson does not have a third son, however he was immediately drawn to this young boy’s story much like his own. The 10 year old is growing up under rough circumstances so he has decided to help mentor him and get him the education he deserves”.

50Cent Dvaian

A snapshot featuring a crying Davian and a smiling 50Cent took the world by storm when the Power actor shared the image via IG with the caption, “My life is full of surprises, this little guy is my son DAVIAN. He started crying, I was thinking why you crying i gotta pay for this shit. LMAO”.

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Davian’s teacher recounted the intelligent lad’s academic achievements in a mail to 50Cent which the Effen Vodka boss screengrabbed and shared.

He captioned it: “JUST GOT THIS, ? DAMN I NEVER DID This good. This kid is smarter then a motherfucker !!! I’m a get Big Floyd to give him some hands?”.

Although a source close to the rapper’s camp came out to clarify the speculations regarding Davian’s relationship with 50, there are wild observers who believe Fiddy is denying his son, as he wouldn’t want to smear his budding relationship with the mother of his child, Daphne Joy, plus it has been reported the lad’s biological mother is a regular girl.

One follower on 50Cent’s instagram shellzsorenzo commented: “That’s a lie hommie that’s 50 son the radio is telling the story he gave because he doesn’t want the mother exposed. She is a regular girl from Brooklyn. 50 would not post multiple pics of this boy including an Email from the child’s school”. 

This is Davian doing his, I'm cooler then my dad look. ? Talking about meet me at Red Stix. LMAO

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Apparently, the citywide ELA exam Davian supposedly aced according to his teacher’s mail ‘haven’t even been determined yet’ as theresamb13 stated in agreement with another user who spotted the disparity.

theresamb13 wrote: “I think what@treymicos is trying to say is that the scores haven’t even been determined yet. Miami is different than NYC. The ELA exams are not even scored yet. Every exam gets sent to one location and trained teachers score them…no exceptions. FYI- Teachers do not find out the information until July/August and then we have the choice to reach out to a parent. The state sends the scores home, not the teacher”.

What’s your opinion? Is 50Cent pulling another Houdini before our very eyes or is he really denying his son?

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