5 Ways Every Man Can Boost His Libido

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Your libido is important if you and your partner are to gain sexual satisfaction.

A shortage of testosterone can cost a man his life as if has an effect on muscle mass, bone density, and sex drive. Recent research has also shown that low testosterone levels can increase your chances of having heart disease and prostrate cancer which in severe cases can lead to death.

As a result of this, it is essential as men that we do all we can to ensure that the levels of testosterone in our bodies remain at optimal levels for us to live healthy lives. Since they have an immense effect on our libido, here are five steps you can follow to increase your T-levels, boost your libido and lengthen your life.

Build Your Muscles

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A research conducted in Finland found out that men who carried weights regularly had a 45 to 50 percent boost in their free testosterone levels. This means that the more you strengthen your muscles by carrying weights, the more the levels of testosterone your body produces increases. This doesn’t mean you have to go all out as pushing iron twice a week is enough for you to see the benefits.

Cut Down On Stress

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In the world of today, the mental and physical stress we subject our bodies to is out of the world. Stress causes the hormone cortisol to surge, which can suppress the ability of the body to make testosterone available to be utilised within tissues. Doing workouts can help relieve stress and tension, provided you don’t overdo it. Any sign of fatigue or injury is a pointer to the fact that your workout session will lower the levels of your testosterone instead of increasing it.

Watch Your Weight

An increase in your weight in certain areas of your body such as your thighs may not be of much concern but if the size of your waist and tummy goes up, the levels of testosterone in your body comes down. As a matter of fact, any increase higher than a 3-point increase in your body mass index is of major concern because that means you’ve added about 14 kilograms of weight. This can be troubling for a man that stands at 5’10” because it will most likely accelerate your age-related Testosterone decline by 10 years.
To reduce your weight, go on a diet and incorporate more of fruits as opposed to carbohydrates in your diet.

Eat More Fat

Taking out fatty foods from your diet can do a lot to help you stay trim and prim but going all out to eliminate all fat from your diet can cause your testosterone levels to plummet dangerously. According to a work published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine, men that consumed the highest amount of fats had the highest levels of testosterone. It is however important that you put your heart into consideration while consuming fats. Ensure that you only way foods high in monounsaturated fats. These foods include fish and nuts as their type of fats is good for the body.

Reduce Your Alcohol Intake

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Consuming high levels of alcohol can go a long way in harming your hormones and body. A study conducted in the Netherlands found out that men who consumed moderate amounts of alcohol daily for 3 weeks experienced up to a 7 percent decrease in their testosterone levels. As such, it is important you reduce your drinking to a glass of wine or bottle of beer per day to avoid a sever decrease in your testosterone levels and increase your libido.



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