5 Tips You Should Use To Flirt Like A Pro

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Flirting as a single person is one thing you’re bound to do irrespective of if you put your whole mind into it or you simply do it subtly.

Flirting has some advantages which includes the fact that you can subtly pass across a message of what and how you feel like without being out-rightly rejected by the person you like. There are however rules that you need to follow if there’s any hope of you flirting with a total stranger or someone you are acquainted with and getting away with it without coming off as a pervert.

Follow these five tips people who have become pros at flirting do and you most likely will strike that wonderful accord with that person you’ve been eyeing.

Scan The Room
When you walk into a room that is filled with people that can be your potential ‘bae’, do a quick scan with your eyes of the ones you’re attracted to. Never limit your chances by going straight for the closest seat or the available ones but strategically look for one that will position you close to someone you think has potentials. More so, it is important you’re closely seated to the person you want to flirt with as it would be disrespectful and uncomfortable to chat over the top of the head of someone else. The aim of you flirting at this event is to be as fluid as possible especially since you can never be sure of the kind of opportunity that may lie waiting for you at the end of the day. So, scan the room by moving around while ensuring your face and mien is relaxed.

Get Your Eye Contact Skills On Fleek

Good eye contact is one thing that never fades and has been ascribed by a lot of people as the ultimate secret to successful flirting. By looking deep into the eyes of someone and maintaining good eye contact, you’re passing a message that you’re interested in them and various researches have also shown that doing this tends to increase attraction. The more eye contact you make and the longer your gaze lingers, the more intense the chemistry between you and the person you’re flirting with. You should however be careful not to make your stare become creepy.

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Invitation Stance

The kind of stance you or the person you intend to flirt with takes can signify an invitation. Standing with your arms crossed, lips pursed and a lowered gaze is something you should avoid as it implies you’re not ready to mingle. You can instead adopt a friendlier and relaxed posture with no obstacles such as drinks and phones in your hands. Learn to read people’s body language and your success rate will most likely increase dramatically.

Keep The Conversation Hot And Fresh

You’ve struck a conversation with your target and it’s time to keep it going. Avoid the Yes/No game by asking light-hearted and open questions. People that are good at maintaining conversations know that asking questions with the words ‘who, what and how’ tend to yield greater results than using the words ‘me, myself and I.’ It is however important that you tread lightly and avoid been forceful or aggressive as this may cause them to feel choked and threatened.


Look And Act Sharp

Attitude and carriage is everything. The moment you keep this at the back of your mind, your inhibitions and self-consciousness will melt away. Instead of thinking whether you’re saying the right things, simply immerse yourself in the brief conversation you’re having. Have little expectations and avoid pressuring yourself. Enjoy yourself while you flirt. The essence is to have fun, isn’t it?



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