3 Popular Musicians And A Governor Will Die – Apostle Suleman Prophesies

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Apostle Suleman Prepares To Appear Before DSS With 30 Lawyers

The founder of Omega Fire Ministries International, Apostle Suleman Johnson, has shared some prophecies for Nigeria during an exclusive interview with Tribune Nigerian.

Speaking during the interview which was published yesterday by the online media house, the Apostle warned that three popular musicians will die as he also averred that he sees a governor dying this year.

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Here is an excerpt of the interview below:

You are from Kaduna State, the same state as Governor Nasir el-Rufai who recently introduced a bill that many consider anti-religious and against Christianity. What are your thoughts about the proposed bill?

Before I talk about the dangerous bill, I will remind the public that my decision to speak again about most of my past prophecies is because an online news agency labelled me a fake prophet and that my prophecies have never been accurate. That report was sponsored by a governor to attack me. That was after I spoke against the anti-religious bill. I prophesied that Nigerian government would start fighting the gospel and the men of God. I still insist that the bill is anti-Christian and it will have dire consequences.

What are your other prophecies for Nigeria?

Three popular musicians will die. One of them is a young boy. Kidnapping would be more common in the South West. I had predicted that all service chiefs would be fired and even this present fuel scarcity. There are still things to come.

Like what?

There will be a major boom in the agricultural sector from this year. Nollywood will keep losing people unless prayers are made for repentance because many of them have gone fetish, just as immorality has increased in the industry. Three very prominent Nigerians will die this year unless prayers are made. An attempt will be made on the life of an emir. It will fail, but he will lose some of his men in the process. Rape cases will increase, especially of little children and even pregnant women. A sect deadlier than Boko Haram is being trained and prepared for an onslaught against the nation. I see a governor dying this year. This year, the looting of the national treasury will be on a massive scale. Former President Goodluck Jonathan’s men from his place will fight him. I see the crisis in PDP widening. A Yoruba movie actor will die and it will shock many. This is a year of judgment for politicians and wicked leaders. There will be scarcity of money, but food will be in abundance soon. I warned that the APC in Rivers State needed to do grassroots’ campaign because I saw the election being rigged.

Why did you take your crusade to Kenya this year?

Africa will play a crucial role in the spread of the gospel. From all indications, Nigeria has been at the forefront of spreading the good news all over the world. Kenya is where God told us to start our Africa outreach.



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