22 Year-Old Pervert Sleeps With 13 Year-Old Girl After Prepping For Sex Via SnapChat

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Christopher Lowde, 21, groomed a 13 year-old girl for sex over several months after which he slept with her six times.

Lowde of Driffield, East Yorkshire gives the child a pregnancy-scare as she speculates being pregnant following a sting of unprotected sex both had in the front passenger of Lowde’s car.


The court hears how the girl initiates contact with Lowde in 2013, both arranging for a meet in a nightclub in spring of 2014.

At the end of the evening, Lowde asks her for sex, which she agrees to.

Lowde drives the girl to the coastal village of Fraisthorpe and they end up having sex in his car.

David Gordon, prosecuting, said: ‘The defendant took her home. She was concerned about being pregnant. No protection had been used. The defendant took fright and stopped contacting her for about three weeks until the pregnancy scare had gone”.

At the end of the pregnancy scare, Lowde finds his way back to her and warms himself into more sex but the preteen only felt so used, she confide in a child protection officer who reports Lowde.

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Pervert, Christopher Lowe

The girl informs police she had sex with Lowde six times in total, including at Lowde’s parents’ home.

Mr Gordon said: ‘Looking back, she feels violated and realizing he was just using her for sex.’

Lowde’s arrest occurs after the girl – whose name cannot be mentioned – confides in a child protection officer who calls the police.

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The court sentences Lowde to 21 months in jail after finding him guilty of two counts for sexual activity with a child.

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