2 Years After Chibok: “We Must Ensure They Are Not Forgotten” – Oby Ezekwesili

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2 Years After Chibok – 2 years ago, over 200 girls were reportedly abducted from a secondary school in Chibok, Borno state.

2 Years After Chibok
2 Years After Chibok

The search for the girls gave birth to the Bring Back Out Girls movement, with former minister Oby Ezekwesili championing the movement.

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Thursday will make it two calendar years since the abduction, and in a recent interview, Ezekwesili stated that the group would continue to fight until justice was done.

“For us, ensuring that our own Chibok girls are not forgotten but are given justice, that is still the priority,” she said in an interview with Daily Maverick.

“Governments from all around the world [need to get involved]. The US, the UK, Canada, Australia, Israel, China and France had all offered support during the early days after the abduction, they should come back and connect all their intelligence assets, with the Nigerian government in the lead. They should figure out exactly where the Chibok girls are, whether they are together or scattered in blocks.

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“Then the second thing is to use that information as the basis for making a good decision as to what would be the lowest risk option to get them back. There is none that would not come with a risk, so it would take experts in the fields of rescues to decide.”

Ezekwesili also responded to criticism of the group, saying they had achieved success in some quarters. “Our Chibok girls have been a symbol for all other citizens that were kidnapped but were nameless. By pressing our government to rescue them, they ended up rescuing 3,000 others. That is a good thing,” she said.



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