10 Tips To Becoming The Bad Boy She Wants

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The bad boy stereotype is one thing a lot of women want. At least at some point in their lives, if not always. You probably have heard the phrase “every girl loves a bad boy”.

Women may actually talk about wanting a gentleman and how much they want someone that will treat them right, but the bitter truth is that they most times end up falling for the bad boy down the road.

So, if you’re up to transforming yourself from the typical geeky gentleman to the bad boy that walks with some swag that will have loads of women flocking around him, check out these 10 tips on how to become the bad boy every woman wants.

Be A Bit More Brash
One thing women admire in men in all its entirety is confidence. Your ability to let them see how self-assured you are is something that will turn them on in ways you never thought possible. Draw more girls to you with a little more brash attitude with words like “it’s high time you experienced a real man!”

Be Spontaneous
One thing about being a bad boy is that you have no care in the world about what’s coming next and you just go out to do exactly what you want to do irrespective of how impractical or crazy it may be.

Be Sure Of What You Want
It’s important you know exactly what you want and go all out for it with her by sticking to your guns. Women don’t want a man with wavering opinions as such words like “I respect your opinion…but we should rather try my way out”

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Do What You Want
It’s best you don’t answer to her every whim and caprice as doing so will only diminish the respect women have for you. You should instead do the things you want exactly when you want to.

Don’t Be Her Confidant
Avoid entering friend territory by asking being the one she tells everything. You may get all her attention for a while but on the long run, you’d end up with a platonic relationship that will never get you laid.

Be A Bit Selfish
Nothing speaks confidence more than a little selfishness. By letting her know the most important person in your life is you, she’d swoon to make a swap. Try telling her “You’re the second most important person in my life…after me” and watch her want to get you to second place.

Bring Some Passion To The Mix
Nothing makes you a bad boy wanted by women more than being passionately physical with women. If a woman wants to display what she feels for you, she will if you take the lead.

Don’t Be Too Cautious
Women don’t want a man that is too cautious either about their eating habits, mannerisms or their way of life in general. Real men are always willing to take a risk now and again or live their life on the edge once in a while without caring about the ill effects of what they’re putting into their bodies.

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Don’t Be A Clown
It’s cool to be funny but don’t take your jokes overboard. Being funny tends to gain you some women’s attention while others will simply see nothing more than a classic joker. Try asking her “Do I look like I’m joking?” after asking her a sensual question to get her exactly where you want.

Don’t Apologise
A lot of women associate the word sorry with surrender and they hardly want men to give up. Women want a man that can stick his chest out and tell them to take their best shot. That’s the bad boy she wants.



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